Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Slidin' on through...

S/O from Chi-Town!

Elder Campbell and I had a good week this week going around the mission; zone training meetings started, which meant we went to Joliet and Peoria to fix and update apps on everybody's iPads, and we audited all of the iPads as well. Also, we presented not once, but twice at New Missionary Training on Tuesday (once on Online Proselyting, once on the Areabook app). It was my first time ever presenting in the mission, so might as well go off of the deep end and do two presentations instead of one.

We met with Anand this week, and he's doing well, but still struggling with the Word of Wisdom and has concerns with the Law of Chastity as well. The good news is that his parents are now home from out of town, which means he'll have a curfew that will keep him out of trouble, but it's also harder for us to meet with him, because his dad doesn't really like the missionaries. We plan to see him later tonight though, so hopefully that lesson ends up going well! 

Besides Anand, we haven't been able to get in contact with Diamond, but we did see Justin this week! He's doing well, but his friends are not having the best of luck...His best friend got shot last week, and another one of his friends got stabbed the next night. Justin said that there has been a lot of gang activity in the area lately, so definitely keep them in your prayers. As for me, I love that part of town, because that's where people are the most real. They are super funny and talk the language of the streets. For example, we talked to one guy who was busy, and when we asked if we could come back to teach him more, he said, "Yeah! When you finna be back, just slide on through!" We also taught lessons to a couple of less-active members of the ward, and they're doing pretty well!

Another interesting thing that happened this week is that I got to go on my first exchange in the Spanish program. Let me just tell you, I gained a new level of respect for all of the missionaries that learn a new language on their missions. You can just say that after the exchange, I pretty much knew Spanish backwards and forwards. #ComoSeDiceFluent Gotta give a quick S/O to all those missionaries speaking in other languages, and specifically Elder Brockbank, because he's not even completely immersed in a Spanish-speaking culture but he's tearing it up. 

That's about all that I've got for the week, I love you, and I hope that you have a wonderful week. 

Elder Dallas Anderson

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