Thursday, December 10, 2015

Giving Up the Normal Routine for Normal, IL

The Elders with Jose

It was a great week for us here in the Naper YSA Ward, accentuated by both Jose and Brittany coming to church and continuing to progress toward their baptismal dates! We had a really good lesson with Jose on Sunday and he's feeling really good about his baptism. We went through the baptismal interview questions with him, and he had no concerns with him whatsoever, so I'm really excited for him!

We got a media referral this week for a girl named Anna, who is really cool! She told us that she has seen the Church in the media a lot lately and wanted to learn a little for herself before she made any judgements. She invited her friend Marvel to the lesson, and we were able to teach both of them about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration, and they both expressed interest in learning more! Anna especially seems interested--she asked a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon, and the coming of Christ to the Americas, and she read the chapter we assigned her within a day of the assignment, so she seems pretty solid! Both Anna and Marvel attend Wheaton College, and have finals coming up, but we are meeting with Anna this weekend, and hopefully with Marvel after his finals are over!

One of the highlights of the week was when Brad had us over for dinner on Saturday, and he got us B-DUBS!!! It's the second time that I've had Buffalo Wild Wings on my mission, and he's been the one to come through in the clutch both times. #IHeartBrad #HastenTheWings We also got to do some good service at Feed My Starving children with Brad and Trevor during the week, and that was a lot of fun! Our table was doing mad work!

If you haven't already heard via Facebook, the bittersweet news of the week is I'm being transferred down to Normal, IL on Tuesday. To be honest, I was shocked when I got the news from President Griffin, because I was expected Elder Campbell would leave the area first, since he's been here a couple of transfers longer than me already. 

The tough part about leaving, is that I've come to love the ward and the investigators here in the Naperville YSA Ward so much. I've never had an area where so much has been going well (with Jose and Brittany on solid baptismal dates and several other investigators), and it's hard leaving that behind, because Elder Campbell and I have worked so hard to get there. It's also hard to leave the Naperville Stake, because I've been serving here for the past 10 months of my mission, so it's pretty much my second home. 

The good part about transfers though is that I'm super excited for my new area--it's home to Illinois State University, and that's where a lot of the proselyting is done, because it is an open campus! It's pretty much YSA part 2 with all of the college kids down there! The other exciting (and nerve-wracking) part of the transfer call is that I've been assigned to be a zone leader, which means that I'll probably be going on a lot of exchanges and working one-on-one with a lot of missionaries. I'll get to the area Tuesday evening, and we have to train at a three hour meeting on Thursday, so we'll see how I do with one day of preparation time! I guess the zone has had struggles in the past with attitude issues, so hopefully we can get some enthusiasm going this transfer and help the missionaries have an awesome Christmas!

Bishop Rodriguez invited all of the YSA Ward members over to his home last night to have a party before the Christmas devotional, and it was great! It was really fun to spend one last night with all of the members and say my goodbyes ending on a high note. I will definitely have to come back to visit some of the members and investigators from here in the YSA area, because it's been a real privilege and blessing to serve here.

You're the best Mom, can't wait to talk to you again next week!

Elder Dallas Anderson

The YSA Christmas party (Nice matching sweater vests, Elders!)

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