Monday, April 11, 2016

Binge at the Burger Barge

Hey Mom!

We had two more lessons with Jerry this week, and he was able to come to the Saturday evening session of stake conference, although he wasn't there Sunday, which was a bummer. He's developing a lot of good friendships with ward members and has good intentions, but is fighting some demons with the Word of Wisdom and his anti-Mormon family members. On the other hand, Hope continues to thrive, and she attended both sessions of stake conference, and is more than willing to live the Word of Wisdom! She still hasn't told her family members about her decision, but is getting more and more excited about her baptism. Shannon continues to amaze us as well--we were very impressed at her knowledge and understanding of fasting when we taught her this week. She passed her baptismal interview with flying colors this last week and is all set for her baptism on Sunday!

We also had the opportunity to help the young men out with some service this week by doing some aerating. Good thing I had prior experience from our young men's fundraiser, because I showed them how it's done. #AlsoHumble

One of the highlights of the week was on Wednesday night, Brother Sanchez (our assistant ward mission leader), Brother LeCheminant (our Elders Quorum President), and Brother Canova (our ward clerk) took us out to dinner at a restaurant named Burger Barge. Their menu is pretty ridiculous--not the type of place for the healthy eater, as you pretty much walk into a wall of grease entering in the doors of the restaurant. Instead of getting the Triple Kraken (three half-pound burgers with onion rings, bacon, and your standard toppings in between two bacon-filled grilled cheese sandwiches), I went for perhaps the healthiest option on the menu: a massive grilled chicken sandwich with pineapple and BBQ sauce. Elder Bennett, on the other hand, went for a local favorite and got the Anchor--a half pound hamburger surrounded by french fries, cheese, mushrooms, and onions, then coated in a layer of nacho cheese on top. It as definitely an experience though, I'd recommend it to anyone, just because of how ridiculous their menu is.

Besides that, nothing too crazy or exciting from this past week. Elder Packer from the Seventy came to our stake conference, and he gave a couple of phenomenal talks. Elder Martino of the Seventy is coming to our mission this week as part of a mission tour--we'll have a zone conference with him on Thursday followed by MLC with him on Friday.

Thanks for all that you do Mom, I love you! It will be a great week for us, and I'll have lots of good things to report next week! Hope all is going well in Colorado!

Elder Dallas Anderson

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