Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Top Two: Mission Trivia

Disclaimer: Yes, Elder Dallas did call on Mother's Day. No, his mother did not post the conversation in a timely manner. #MomFail 

Top Two Lists

What are the Top 2 demonstrations you've seen of Chicago sports fanaticism?

  • One guy painted his entire lawn with the Cubs logo
  • Every freakin' car has stick figure people or license plates with a Chicago sport logo

What are the Top 2 foods and/or restaurants you've enjoyed in Chicago?

  • Deep dish pizza at Giordano's
  • Cake shake at Portillos
  • (Bonus: anything at QBBQ)

What are the Top 2 phrases/words you've heard in Chicago?

  • Finna. As in, "You finna come to church on Sunday?"
  • "You know what I'm sayin'?"

Top 2 words you've heard pronounced differently in Chicago?

  • Joliet. People say it jaw-leeyet even though that city has a law requiring it to be pronounced joe-leeyet.
  • Bourbonnais. It's supposed to be French-ish: bour-bonnay. But people say ber-BAIN-iss.

Top 2 weird questions you get about Mormons.

  • Everyone always asks about polygamy.
  • Someone got us confused with the Amish. (Nope, I like to watch TV.)

Top 2 things in your closet that will be out of style when you return.

  • White shirts.
  • Ties.

Top 2 cousins who will have changed the most by the time you get home.

  • Kyle
  • Savanna

Top 2 personal habits your companion would mention when describing you.

  • I talk in my sleep.
  • I am crazy good at exercising in the morning. I do step-ups on the bed!

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