Wednesday, July 6, 2016


BANG BANG! Happy 4th of July people!

First off, gotta give that S/O to Elder Cluff's mom, who hooked it up with matching American Flag ties for our companionship, so we can rep the USA proud! #Merica #StatesideMissionGang Since missionaries aren't allowed to watch fireworks, here's some excitement from this last week that will put your sparklers to shame.

Elder Cluff and I helped an investigator re-sod his front lawn today, putting about 95 rolls of 2ft. x 5ft. sod down. He actually bought every single roll of sod the nursery had, and he's about 25 short, so we'll be back to help him again next week when more sod comes in. Now sod is heavier than it might appear, but what didn't help is that they had watered it this morning, so it was super heavy with water, and really muddy, which made it very dirty. I should have taken pictures of the back of our truck, and of us, because we were absolutely filthy, but the work went really well--Elder Cluff and I figured out a system that made it go quickly, and the investigator was very grateful for our help.

We had some good teaching action this week--we were able to meet with a couple of former investigators (people who were taught in the past but were dropped for one reason or another). Girlie, the girl that Toby is dating, and who originally brought Toby to church, has been bringing a friend from work to church for the past couple of weeks. The friend's name is Patience, and she agreed to sit down and start taking the missionary discussions, which is super awesome! Girlie is showing the other members how to get missionary work done!

I also had the chance to eat at a classy restaurant named Parker's this week--Elder Cluff and I were at a break point putting together MLC documents, and were walking out the door to get some lunch. At that very moment, an amazing member of our ward called us up and invited us to lunch! She is planning to take us out to Mike Ditka's restaurant in the next few days to celebrate the end of Elder Cluff's mission.

In response to your question, the Naper 1st Ward (where the Boswells live) is the west-neighboring ward to the Woodridge 1st Ward, which means that unless we have a meeting at the Naperville Stake Center or have an assignment of some sort over there, there's not really a chance to see the Boswells much unfortunately. The other sad part about that, is that there is only one (to my knowledge) Q-BBQ restaurant, and that is within the Naper 1st Ward boundaries, so we don't have the chance to go there often either.

Besides that, nothing too crazy this week; they've had us come inside tonight at 7:00 p.m. so that we can avoid the situation that Dallas was in last week, which is probably for the best, because like I said last year, you can't tell the difference between gun shots and fireworks here in Chi-Town. #Truth Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you guys! I'm lucky to serve in a place with so much freedom. You're lucky to be in a place that you can read Dallas' emails, because the Founding Fathers never had the chance to. Haha, Happy 4th, you guys!

Love ya!
Elder Dallas Anderson

Party in the USA

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