Monday, September 19, 2016

10 Exchanges Down Memory Lane

*Cues "Soundtrack 2 My Life"*
I got 99 problems, 'cause I'm so tired.
*Cuts music*

Sorry, y'all thought you were getting your rap today to Kid Cudi's track, but you'll just have to wait and see what's in store. But for real though, I'm exhausted this week after three more exchanges, and service every day of the week, including another three different moves, painting a bedroom, and mowing a lawn.

First off, can I just say that exchanges are awesome? You get to spend good time with missionaries that you can learn a lot from, and sometimes you get to connect with missionaries you've served around in the past. For instance, I got to spend a day with Elder Limary this week, and we had an awesome time talking and laughing and working together. Exchanges also give you the chance (sometimes) to serve in former areas, like I got to return to the full-bike area of Naper 1 this week (and I loved every second of it, BTW)! We had the chance to see Brother Manning in Naper 1, who unfolded the doctrine of the sacrament to us, which was pretty sweet! The other thing you should know about exchanges is that they are very demanding, in every sense possible. You've got to be on your game spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, everything, because you've got to live worthy of the miracles that always happen on exchanges. That being said, we completed our 10th of 11 exchanges for the transfer, and it has worn me out, but has been fantastic at the same time!

The other reason I'm tired this week is because of a lot of service that we offered. As most of you are aware by now, it seems as though whenever I move somebody on my mission, I'm always involved moving the couch, and there's usually a good story that goes with it. This week, I've got a couple more stories to add the the #CouchChronicles: 1) We helped a new family move into the ward on Thursday. They have a very short set of steps to get to their basement (only like 5 total steps), but there is isn't much clearing to get big furniture down those steps. After turning this couch about every possible way that we could to get it down the stairwell, we figured it wasn't going to fit. After all of us pulled on it to get it back up, the couch hit the wall and broke a hole in the drywall...It was the the first accident we've had moving on my mission yet. The member was chill though, he didn't have a problem with it, haha (his wife was a different story)! 2) Saturday, we helped a family move out, and they lived on the 5th story of their apartment. Their couch wouldn't fit in the elevator, so we had to carry it down to the first floor to get it onto the truck. I started off carrying, but when we rotated it to get through the door of the apartment, the member had me switch, but then never switched me back, so I just gave moral support for the 5 story descent down the stairs, LOL.

Overall, solid week. Crazy busy with things to do, but awesome experiences. No luck with teaching Patience, and we dropped Adam, but we had an awesome dinner and lesson with the Cerezo family--a part-member family where the father is a chef by profession, so you best believe we got good food there. Listen to how awesome of a ward we've got though: we have a family that's signed up for dinner EVERY SINGLE NIGHT until the end of my mission. Talk about hookups, these guys are awesome! LOL, I'mma come home weighing over 200. Don't judge.

Anyways guys, I love you all! Thanks for your prayers! We've got our last exchange for the transfer tomorrow, followed by a week of Elder Giolitto and I having a lot of time together to hit the streets and find people to teach, so if you could keep us in your prayers that we find people who are prepared, that would be awesome! Have a great week, and I'll talk to you guys again soon!

Elder Dallas Anderson

P.S. I almost put, "I got 99 problems, 'cause my mom's trunkie" to start off the email, but I thought I'd spare you the grief, haha! Love you Mom! #MOOOOOOM

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