Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week of Culture

What's up guys!

Sorry to disappoint, but no rap today, although there's one in the process for the upcoming weeks! #WorthTheWait I'm curious to hear from you guys though as to what song I should write the rap to--open to suggestions. This week is all about that #CultureShock though, and you'll see why here in a sec (and it's not just cause I'm white...).

First before I get into this though, here's on overview on the week: three exchanges, a zone training meeting where I had to give a departing testimony, and a couple of lessons with less-active members of the ward. Unfortunately, not much luck with Patience or Adam lately. The good news is that the Naperville Stake just had a fast for missionary work that has already brought a couple of miracles to a couple of members' lives. Elder Giolitto and I are pumped for the upcoming month coming off of the fast!

Awesome miracle to report for the week! Remember the family that Elder Giolitto contacted several weeks ago as part of the Book of Mormon challenge (we ran outside of the Peoria Stake Center with 20 minutes left to go in our 24 hour time limit and we gave two copies of the Book of Mormon out to this family)? The missionaries were in contact with them this past week, and they came to church! The dad of the family even got up and bore his testimony! How awesome is that! What I love is that Elder Giolitto and I never would have known that that had happened if the missionaries down there didn't reach out to us. There are so many good things you do in life that you might not ever find out about, but you're the one who influenced them. So go out there and you can make a difference in someone's life!

The first place where I learned some #Culture was on exchanges on Tuesday in Aurora (#SpanishForADay). It was a day of firsts for me--we played tennis in the morning for morning exercise, which I haven't done before in the morning. #TheyCallMeRFed After Elder Tedders taught me some Spanish in language study (#ComoSeDiceWorthless), we took lunch, where I learned to make homemade corn tortillas. #LearnSomeCulture We stopped by a less-active member's home, who spoke really good English (#Hallelujah), and helped him sand his porch so that he could refinish it the next day.

The funny, no-so-mission-appropriate-but-I'll-share-it-with-you-anyways, #Shocking news comes from the land of Peoria this week, on exchanges with Elder Weigel. He wanted to find a new investigator super bad, so we hit the parks and the streets, contacting a people for a solid 5 hours (#FindingChanceTheRapper). In the midst of finding (we saw tons of #Miracles, by the way, including finding someone that runs a food pantry that said missionaries could set up a booth and hand out materials at the food pantry because she likes what we do that much), we came across a group of people sitting out talking on the porch. We start to contact them, and there is a 21-23 year old girl that comes up and asks if we're Jehovah Witnesses. My companion starts introducing who we are, and she totally interrupts him and looks at me and says, "You're cute!" along with a comment about how I look like Justin Bieber. #Shocked #Blushing #Awkward I'm pretty uncomfortable at this point, so I just say thanks and continue on with the contact. We finish talking to the group, and as we're walking away, this same girl says, "Bye, sexy!" #Shocked #SUPERAwkward After trying to shake that off, we tract the same street for another hour or so, then start working our way back. We get across the street from the same house, and the same girl yells across the street to us (I ain't about to write down what she said). LOL, it's been a whole weekend and I'm still feeling the awkwardness of that situation. #StillInShock #ShesThirsty #ThatDontPhaseMe

Anyways, back to getting #Cultured: Elder Giolitto taught me how to make tiramisu this week, and on top of that, he cooked us an amazing lunch today, using the ingredients from the package that you sent, Mom (he was SUPER excited, by the way). LOL, doing my best to avoid getting fat.. I didn't help the situation much though, because Elder Giolitto and I had the chance to stop by Pizza Peel (located in Lacon, IL, which is funny, because someone tagged the city water tower to that it reads "Bacon" instead of Lacon, LOL)--a restaurant owned by a member, where the missionaries eat for free. We got amazing calzones that were definitely FFTK approved, NOT. #JokesOnYou #IEnjoyedItAnyways #FatGirlProbs

Finally, your last bit of #CultureShock comes from Wyoming, where I haven't spent more than 48 hours in my life. That being said, I threw on the t-shirt reppin' the ___ (I don't have any clue what the area code for Wyoming is...) and snapped a pic. #MakinMomProud #ThugLife #ThingsIveLearnedInChiTown

Finally, your last bit of #CultureShock comes from Wyoming, where I haven't spent more than 48 hours in my life. That being said, I threw on the t-shirt reppin' the ___ (I don't have any clue what the area code for Wyoming is...) and snapped a pic. #MakinMomProud #ThugLife #ThingsIveLearnedInChiTown

That's what I got for this week. LOL, I'm two weeks behind in the My Plan program because we've been so busy with things to do. Hopefully your weeks haven't been as awkward as mine, but that you've been cultured a bit by this email. You'll get more culture from the streets of Chicago here in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned! You guys are great, and I've always got you in my prayers! Love you all!  

Elder Dallas Anderson

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