Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hey Elder Dallas, ¿Quieres cenar con nosotros?

We had zone preparation day today and played some volleyball
at the 
church! #EmbarrassedMyself #FarFromGood
Hey everybody!

So this week didn't lead to any new investigators, but we were able to meet up with a couple of less-active members. We had our second lesson with a less-active member named Keith, who is awesome! He was a pitcher in college, but got hurt in a car accident, and he needed back surgery, so that took him off the field. A few years later, he fell through a grate at work and messed up his back even further, and got a couple of more surgeries on it. Then a few weeks ago, he strained his shoulder at work again, so he's dealt with a fair share of medical issues. He has a really positive attitude about the whole thing though, which I really admire. He has a real desire to come to church, but it's super hard for him just because of all the physical pain that he's in.

I had the opportunity to go on an exchange in the Spanish program this week (S/O to all my homies in the Spanish program), and I went in expecting to try some great (or maybe weird) Mexican food from the members. Night 1 in the program: BOOM, we got some KFC (with mashed potatoes, gravy, and mac and cheese). Day 2, the ward mission leader of the Spanish ward had lunch for us after MCM and BOOM, we get Domino's pizza (sausage pizza). So I've got one last shot for dinner last night, I'm 0-2 trying anything at all in the hispanic genre of foods. We go to this investigator's house, and BOOM, we had barbecue ribs for dinner. LOL, THOSE ARE LIKE THE MOST AMERICAN FOODS YOU CAN GET, ARE YOU SERIOUS!? #MericanFood #NotMexicanFood That's alright though, at least I didn't have to try anything gnarly.

Anyways, with the Spanish program, we had a really cool miracle where we were walking into an apartment complex to see a member, and I saw a man in the laundry room (we learned later that he's from Mexico), so we said hi and asked if he'd be interested in learning more. He led us right up to his apartment and we taught him and his wife (they both spoke English), and they both committed to be baptized October 17th. I probably won't ever see them again, but it was pretty cool to teach them! Besides that lesson though, the rest of our lessons were in Spanish, so I just sat there LOL, because Spanish goes right over my head...

Yesterday we were on another exchange (I was in the English program this time), and we spent some time in the projects! It's a big block of apartments where the residents are ex-cons and are all on parole (they have to wear tracking bracelets around their ankles and can't leave the property without permission), and it was LEGIT. We taught a man named Jamario, who loves to write raps. But I'm not a rapper (for all you Supa Hot fans out there). We also met another homie named Forever (yup, that's his actual name! Legit, I know!). There are a ton of YSA members there, so Elder Campbell and I will probably hit it up again in the near future.

We didn't find any service activities this week, but we did learn that we can apply to set up a booth at the College of Dupage, so hopefully we get in there, because we could meet a lot of YSAs there. As far as YSA activities go, there weren't any Family Home Evenings in the month of August, since everyone was moving in and out, and transitioning into school, but hopefully they'll start back up in the next couple of weeks. We get to occasionally go to those, it just depends on what they're doing (like if they're playing basketball or bowling or something like that, it's a no-go).

I love you Mom, and I hope that everything is going well for you! I'm glad that you're liking the new place that you're in, and that Lando and Breven are getting along well. Excited to hear how hockey season goes once they get into the swing of things. Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you!

Elder Dallas Anderson

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