Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Transfer Week Time Lapse

Sean Johnson's the homie!
What's up to the 801! (And whatever area code you're in Mom!)

Sorry that I haven't been able to email you sooner, it was transfer week last week, so the schedule was all out of whack like usual. It was a week of lots of tears and trials, but one with a lot of joy and miracles as well. To start off with the bad stuff: I've had one of the biggest personal trials that I've faced on my mission come up this last week. One of my best friends from my mission (Elder Hansen, who is from the San Diego, CA area) finished his mission and went home on Wednesday. My companion and I got in a car accident today on the freeway (no worries, it was just a little fender bender with minor damages and no injuries--my companion was the one driving). There hasn't been a week on my mission where I've been so physically, emotionally, and mentally drained. But let's talk about the positives.

All of the transfer stuff went well, we didn't have any major iPad problems. My companion and I hadn't found a new investigator or taught a lesson to an investigator in 5-7 weeks, but this week, we tracted into a family of 5 that let us right in! They're super solid--the mom already knew what real intent was in Moroni's promise before we even explained it (that's rare), and the 17 year old son says that he doesn't feel anything when he goes to his church and wants to try another church. We'll have to pass them off to the family Ward missionaries, but it was awesome that we taught a lesson and found a family!

The very next day, we were tracting again, and knocked into a guy named Clemonte, who also let us right in. He's been dealing with some personal struggles lately, but we were able to teach to his needs, and have a return appointment in a week and a half (even though he's 22, we'll have to pass him off to the family ward missionaries too at some point in the future, because he's married and has a couple of kids). He has a job that prevents him from going to church on Sundays, but is looking for another one, because religion is very important to him. BUT, that's not my favorite part, although it was pretty cool. It turns out that Clemonte is a semi-professional football player for a team in Chicago. If that's not good enough for you, he won DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR two years ago in his league!! And they actually get paid to play in his league, so it can't be too bad of a league. The man is a complete tank--285 pounds (he weighed 320 the year he won Defensive Player of the Year) of pure muscle, you would not want to get in a fight with him. He was injured last season, and is still recovering from that, but he plans to play semi-pro again next season, and then try out for the Bears the following year! Clemonte is a stud!!

We also found a couple of YSA potentials in the hood this week, hopefully we can contact them! The place we're doing our finding has its own police station in the apartment complex, and there was a crime scene investigation this last week while we were out tracting, so everybody was inside hiding from the police, which was a bummer, because that means fewer people to talk to.

For preparation day today, we were able to meet Sean Johnson, the goalkeeper for the Chicago Fire! He's super cool! I had him sign a Chicago Fire scarf that I got!

I want you all to know that the power of prayer is real. The Atonement brings peace and comfort to the trials that you're facing in life. Adversity = Opportunity

I love you all, and appreciate your love and support! I can't wait to hear from you guys!

Elder Dallas Anderson

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