Monday, September 28, 2015

B-Dubs is Life

Hi All!

Good news, last week got better, and this week was pretty good too. Missionary work always has its trials, but you do your best to work through them with a positive attitude. I'm glad you heard from Elder Hansen, he's a really good man. Definitely going to visit him in California someday.

As far as the car accident last week, there wasn't anything noteworthy from it: no injuries, no damage to the car, nothing. We had to wait for 80 minutes or so for the police to get there, just to tell us that there wasn't enough damage to file anything, so that was some garbage.

Anyways, for the work this week, we saw another miracle tracting, where a young couple that just got married 3 months ago (missed the YSA ward by that much) let us right in to teach the Restoration. I can't believe that this has happened two weeks in a row, because it hardly ever happens! We'll have to hand them off to the family ward missionaries, but they were both really nice. We also had a hand-off lesson with the family of 5 we met last week, so they are now being taught by the family ward missionaries.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Elder Campbell and I were down in Peoria doing some specialized training with missionaries down there. I got to work with the Normal South Elders, which was cool because Illinois State University was down there, so we talked to a ton of college kids. I've determined that my new YSA finding idea is just to open a public university here in the Naperville/Woodridge area and get all of the college kids there.

Keeping you guys informed on the "Fit For the Kingdom" challenge: I've successfully been able to modify my diet over the past couple of weeks. Mom wouldn't believe how much salad I've been ordering when members take us out to eat. I've been exercising every day for 45-60 minutes and have been losing fat and gaining muscle. I don't even have to flex to look stronger than Landon in the joggers picture from a couple of weeks ago. He better look out, because I'm def going to be stronger than him when I get home.

The highlight of the week though was Friday, when Brad had us over for dinner. So for anybody that doesn't know, Buffalo Wild Wings is my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world, but we aren't allowed to go there as missionaries. Long story short, Brad bought us B-Dubs takeout, and it just strengthened my testimony that it is the best place to get food on planet earth. 

I know that I haven't sent any pics of the office or our apartment. I'm not there now, but I'll get some to you in the next couple of weeks.

Elder Dallas Anderson


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