Friday, October 30, 2015

Live from ESPN 8: The Ocho

Sup everybody!

If you couldn't tell because this email is getting in late, it's transfer week. The big news is that Elder Campbell and I are staying together, which is wild, because it will be our 4th transfer together and his 6th transfer in the area. But the really big news was that President Griffin called us to train a new missionary!! I'm super excited, because I love training, but I'm pretty stressed, because the Tech Elders haven't ever trained before, and we're going to have to figure out how to work in his additional study time, while still fulfilling our duties at the mission office and attending meetings. Our schedule is going to be jam-packed, but we're going to make it work. I'm super excited!

So we had a good lesson with Jose again this week, teaching him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He continues to read the scriptures and progress in his gospel knowledge. He wasn't able to make it for sacrament last week, but was there in time for Sunday School and Priesthood, so that was good!

We had some killer service this week, including helping two ward members move and more service at Feed My Starving Children. Here's an awesome story that came out of service: we've been to FMSC a few times now, and are starting to make friends with some of the workers. One of the full-time employees named Brian came up to us this week and commented on our Hawks shirts, so we started talking about hockey. As it turns out, his daughter works for the Blackhawks on the business side of the organization. She started working there as an intern in 2013, and is now a full-time employee. Now if that wasn't cool enough, here's the kicker: SHE HAS 2 STANLEY CUP RINGS!!! Holy cow!! I couldn't believe it! Brian showed us a picture of them, and they are legit! How cool would that be to have a couple championship rings!?

The title of this email comes from FHE on Monday, where the Naper YSA Ward played dodgeball with President Boswell (the stake president) and his family. The activity was LEGIT, so much fun! You best believe I was getting people out like it was my job, even getting a couple game-winning hits as well! It would have made Peter LeFleur  and Dwight Goodman proud! You can catch all the highlights on SC Top 10, airing on ESPN 8: "The Ocho," with commentary from ya boi Cotton! 

As far as your missionary questions go, I'll give you my two cents, you can take it for what it's worth:  For the lesson that you're going to, ask the Sisters a couple days in advance what you can study to share in the lesson. Also ask the Sisters if you can wear "street" (non-church) clothes to the lesson; I always think it's better to have the member dressed like the investigator and not like the missionaries, it seems more natural that way. During the lesson, bear testimony a few times and show your love to whoever you're going to see. The biggest thing you can do is reach out to the investigator throughout the week through a text or a phone call to see how they're doing. More than anything, just be yourself--be a friend to the investigator.

I sure love you Mom, thanks for all that you do for me! I really hope that your missionary experiences go well, and will be praying for you (well I always pray for you and the fam, but even more so now). You'll have to let me know how it goes! I hope that you have a fantastic Halloween, because I know it's your very favorite. I love you, and I'll talk to you again next week!

Elder Dallas Anderson
#NotYourAverageJoe (S/O to anyone who gets the Dodgeball pun in there)

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