Monday, November 2, 2015

New Week, New Weight, New Wins

So this week we were able to teach Jose twice, and he continues to make steady progress in his reading, and he came to church this week to, so everything is pretty good for him! We taught him about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity, and he has no problems or concerns with either of them. He decided that he wants a little bit more time to study and get a gospel knowledge before he is baptized, so he moved his baptismal date back to December 19th. But we're excited for him and will continue to work with him and answer any questions that he might have!

The new missionary that is with us is named Elder Gentry, and he's from St. Geezy (S/O to my boy Kener down at Dixie!). He is actually waiting for his visa to come in so that he can serve where he got his original mission call, which is to Sweden. He's a very nice kid, and we all get along pretty well, even though the three of us have pretty different interests. It's been pretty crazy so far trying to work out our schedule, but I think we're slowly figuring everything out.

For Halloween, President Griffin wanted us to be inside our apartments by 4:00, and he had an activity for all the missionaries in the mission to have an accelerated reading of Mosiah 23-Alma 40 (about 125 pages) between the hours of 4-10 on Saturday, and then an additional four hours on Sunday. We were supposed to look for characteristics of good missionaries and keys to their success. It was pretty cool, there was a lot of stuff that I learned from those chapters, but my brain was totally fried after reading...

With the end of transfers last week, it was the end of the first Fit For The Kingdom challenge. While the results haven't been announced yet, I am fairly confident that I will place in the top 5 in the mission! The good news about the whole thing is that I lost five pounds over the course of the six weeks that it's been going on, so it really has made a difference. I've cut down on candy and unhealthy snacks about 99% (the 1% is because Mom keeps sending in gummy worms and candy in packages, even though I tell her not to), and even when YSA members take us out to eat, I eat a lot of salads and lean meats. It's been really great, and the second Fit For The Kingdom challenge started again Tuesday, so I'm looking to keep up the good eating and fitness habits! Any words of encouragement or health advice/tips would be fantastic!

We have a super-fun FHE lined up for tonight--different YSA members are setting up holes in different rooms in the church building, and we're playing mini-golf! I'mma be tearing it up tonight, holes-in-one ALL DAY! I'll let you know how it goes next week!

To answer your question about the Chi-Town fans: the funny thing about the Cubs fans out here, is everybody went NUTS when they made the NLCS--people were painting their lawns, flags were everywhere, and everyone and their dog (yes, literally dogs too) had Cubs apparel on. But it was funny how fast it all went away, and how fast the attitude changed from "this is our year" to "we're done" after they lost the first two games of the series. I felt bad for them though, I wanted them to go all the way (which is hard for a die-hard Cards fan to say).

Lando's hockey week sounds like a ton of fun, I think it's super cool that they announce the names of the players in Breckenridge, that's pretty sweet! 

I did get the Halloween package, and wanted to say thank you for that, it was awesome! Shout out to Grandma and Grandpa C too, because they sent me a package as well.

Love you!
Elder Dallas Anderson

P.S. LOL that Landon's using my Oakley backback, I see him! #CantGetThatByMe

P.P.S. We did some more service at Feed My Starving Children this week, helping pack food for kids in Haiti and Peru!

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