Monday, November 16, 2015

This Week's Phone Funnies

Hey Mom!
We taught a man by the name of Chris this week; he is a referral from the Wheaton Sisters, and he's super nice, but the teaching process will probably go very slowly because his level of comprehension is not super high. But he's interested in learning, and is quite the character! There will be a story on him later in this email.

Our week was pretty good here, lots of meetings for Elder Campbell and I, which meant Elder Gentry got to go on exchanges with different sets of missionaries while we went to the zone conferences. In one of the meetings, Elder Campbell began our presentation by talking about how he's been serving in the YSA Ward for about 8 months now, so when he goes on exchanges to the family ward, it's hard for him to teach kids because he isn't accustomed to them. He then related that to receiving revelation to use the iPads effectively. After he was done, I said, "I testify what Elder Campbell said is true. *Pause* Teaching kids is hard." Haha, I thought it was pretty clever, and the two zones at the meeting thought it was pretty good too!

It was a week of comedy though, especially over the phone. I don't know if you remember Anand, but he was someone that we were teaching about 3 months ago, and we just made contact with him again! He told us that he's had a really good recovery, and that he wants to be baptized in the future! The funny part, is that when we were on the phone with him, he told us an experience he had where he helped his friend, and he said, "I saw my buddy the other day, and he was high as a... something pretty high." Haha, I don't know if he was looking for the word 'kite' and just couldn't find it, or what, but that was pretty funny.

Other funny things that have happened: We were trying to set up an appointment with Chris, and he wanted to meet at the library, but we thought it was closed, so we texted him and asked him if it was closed. He texted back, "Actually it probably is. Lets get food I recommend pizza" LOL, I think it's funny because investigators never say stuff like that. The other text we got, is we were trying to set up an appointment with a potential investigator named Thomas, and he responded back asking who was texting. We responded that it was the missionaries, and his text said, "O. whats upppp" Haha, the stuff you get as missionaries, there are some real characters out here, let me tell you!

Well that's all that I have for this week, I really appreciate all of the birthday wishes! Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you! hope that you have a fantastic week, and that hockey goes well for the boys this week! (And that school doesn't get cancelled again, because that's Busch league.)

Elder Dallas Anderson

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