Monday, November 30, 2015

When It Rains, It Pours (Good and More Good Out of Naperville!)

Dallas and his birthday umbrella. #MakeItRain
Hey everybody!

So the really cool thing that happened this week is that we were able to teach Anand again for the first time in several months, and he's doing awesome! We're trying to figure out the logistics for getting him baptized, because he lives about a block outside of our area, but we'll figure it out. We asked him to be baptized on January 19th, and he asked if there was any possibility that he could be baptized sooner than that, so we invited him to baptism, on December 26, and he wanted even sooner than that! We had to help him understand that he'd need to come to church a couple of times before he gets baptized, so we'll have to see when he can start coming to church.

We had an investigator named Brittany come to church on Sunday! She has been meeting with missionaries in a family Ward, but wanted to try out the YSA Ward just to see if she liked it, and she said that she actually liked the YSA more than the family ward, so we'll have to see if she starts coming to the YSA each week now. We have a meeting on Wednesday morning with her, so we are excited for that!

The Mathers (a family in the bishopric) are having us over for Thanksgiving dinner, so I'm really looking forward to that! Other than that, no major plans for Thanksgiving, just doing our weekly planning and proselyting after dinner. I just know that I'm not getting seconds on Thursday, because I'm too FFTK for that!

As far as my birthday goes, I totally forgot to mention that in my last letter, but Scott Boswell called me to wish me happy birthday, and he learned that we didn't have a dinner appointment, so he immediately invited us over, and I got to have dinner with the Boswells, who I love so much! It was super nice of them to have us over so last-minute.

Unfortunately, missionaries are not allowed to go Black Friday shopping, so I'll have two extra years to catch up on next year... I mean, all the YSAs are probably out and about at that time, so it's a legit proselyting purpose, right? LOL, just kidding.

Today for preparation day, both of the Naperville zones got to attend the Chicago Temple, so that was neat, because going to the temple doesn't happen too much when you're on a mission. It was really fun to be around a lot of the missionaries I've served with/around and talk with them. And as an added bonus, President and Sister Boswell gave us a ride to and from the temple, so we got some good time to talk with them, which is always great!

We FINALLY got some snow this past week, it snowed for about 20 straight hours on Friday and Saturday, but we only got about an inch and a half that stuck, and now it's all melting today... I absolutely love the snow (and just the Christmas season in general), so I hope we get a tons more here soon! But I do have to say that it's getting colder--the day after the snowstorm, it never got above 25 degrees, so the -40 degree days are not too far away. Don't worry Brockbank, I'll hold don't the fort concerning winter for the both of us. You just enjoy the Cali life of 60-70 degree winters for us both, because California knows where it's at.

Thank you so much for the birthday packages, I really, really appreciated them! You better let Landon know that I'll be rockin' some Bulls joggers here soon!

I hope that you have some good plans for Thanksgiving this weekend, even if it's just filled with hockey! I hope the boys get to do a Turkey Bowl or something fun with their team.  Thanks for your letters, I can't wait to talk to you again soon!

Elder Dallas Anderson

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