Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First-rate Transfers and Last ZTM Testimony

Hey guys!

The good news for the week is that Elder Giolitto's family in Italy is okay, they were not affected by the earthquake at all. And Dallas lost the weight he gained from the cake shake. Besides that, our teaching went pretty well this week, especially considering our area was split in half (there is a set of Sisters that covers the other half of the ward now). We had a couple of good lessons with less-active members, taught a part-member family, and had a lesson with a former investigator over at the bishop's house. We saw Patience yesterday at a lunch appointment/birthday party that we shared a group message at, but weren't able to teach her in an appointment specifically for her unfortunately.

Transfers were a breeze this time compared to six weeks ago, very few hiccups in the system this time. Everyone got where they needed to be, and we didn't have very many things left behind, and we were pretty much right on schedule with transfers, which never happens, so that was awesome! Elder Giolitto and I gave a training to the new missionaries on using Preach My Gospel effectively that went pretty well.

We had an even better training on Friday at MLC, where we were given the topic "Using the Book of Mormon to Resolve Concerns." We started off our training by giving an example of how NOT to use the Book of Mormon, and Elder Giolitto played the part of the missionary, and I played the part of a non-member who got agitated when he just kept telling me I was wrong about my beliefs. Long story short, as an unplanned part of the training, I ended up yelling at him in Italian, and everyone thought it was hilarious.

Our zone had the opportunity to attend the temple this morning, which is always awesome as a missionary! We had a member drive us to and from the temple (since we can't drive the mission vehicles outside the mission) and he even bought us lunch on the way home!

This week should be just as crazy as far as our schedule goes--we have three different exchanges planned, as well as a zone training meeting where ya boi has to give a departing testimony. LOL, just ask me how excited I am about that...not even the slightest. It's crazy, because one of the missionaries that came out with me, Elder Hendricksen, left on a flight home today for school, so it's just weird thinking that that's not too far away for me either. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR ANY OF YOU TO GET TRUNKIE ON ME. I ain't done with my mission yet, I still got a transfer to work hard and see those miracles happen!

I'm thinking about changing up my letter format next week, and I'm open for suggestions! It might be another rap, it might be a hashtag frenzy, I don't know, but if you guys have anything specific that you want to hear from me, or if you want any specific photos, let me know and ya boi can try to make that happen.

I love you guys, and love hearing from all of you! Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you. Talk to you again next week!

Elder Dallas Anderson

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