Monday, January 19, 2015

Totally Pumped: Investigators, Invites, Inspiring Cleanliness

Elder Morgan from Vancouver, WA
 Hey all!

This week, Elder Morgan and I dropped all of the investigators and potential investigators that we had except for three, so we don't have a lot of people that we are working with. The investigator that Elder Morgan and I have taught since I've been here is named Barbara, and she's great! She said that her family is pretty against her joining the church, so hopefully we can work with her to get over that fear. 

Besides Barbara, we have a new potential investigator named Al that we met on Friday. I was filling up the car with gas, and he was at the pump next to us, so I just started talking with him, and he told us that he'd love to sit down with us sometime and hear a lesson!

The weather has been so much better this week! For pretty much every day, it's been about 40 degrees, so I'm not freezing to death.

To answer all of your questions: 

1. We travel by car. We have a 2013 Subaru Legacy. 

2. Elder Morgan is really into board games, especially ones that require a lot of thought and strategy (I haven't heard of hardly any of them, so I can't really name them, besides "The Settlers of Catan"). His favorite food is lasagna, and he goes through 15-20 cans of Mountain Dew per week. 

3. We have dinner invites all week. Three things I've had for dinner are hamburgers, chicken from Popeye's, and deep dish pizza from Giordano's, yum. I did get the crock pot package, but I haven't needed to cook anything yet, because members have been feeding us pretty much every night. 

4. I got an awesome D-Rose jersey today at a Lids Locker Room store. It was a $100 jersey, but it was on the clearance rack and I got an NBA authentic, stitched on letters and numbers jersey for only $32 bucks after taxes! Call it Missionary living. The jersey is grey, with bright orange numbers and letters, and black embroidery. 

5. A the investigators that we are working with are Barbara, Al, and Ruben.

Elder Anderson's proud Before and After kitchen skillz.
My photo this week is part of my new "Wife Me Chronicles." Check out my before-and-after mad cleaning skills!

So Landon's hockey tournament sounds like it was pretty insane! That's a lot of teams that were involved. And it sounds like Murray is doing well, I hope that they can keep that momentum heading into the playoffs!

Thanks for everything you do, I love you! I hope to hear from you again soon!  I love you all! More photos coming next week!

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