Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Not so fast, Sunday...

Hey everybody!

News report for the week: Church lasted all of 20 minutes Sunday. Right after the sacrament, we were informed that there was a report of a gas leak in the building, so everyone had to evacuate. That makes 2 fast Sundays in a row for me where there has been no testimonies shared (last month, church was cancelled on fast Sunday because of all the snow). 

On Wednesday, we taught a group of about 100 students from Naperville North High School about the Plan of Salvation. They were all in a world religion class, so they had a field trip to come to our church and learn more about what we believe in.

Our records (known as the Areabook) were really messy, so we spent a lot of time this week trying to see potential investigators and figure out if they were still interested in being taught or not. We ended up dropping about 15 people this week from our Areabook. Some of the records were so outdated that when we stopped by, we learned that the
people we were looking for had moved over five years ago... 

Anyways, we did see one miracle come out of it: on Wednesday, we stopped by a man named Bob, who told us he wasn't interested, but that we could check back with him in a month or so. We felt like we needed to leave him with a Book of Mormon, so we asked if that would be okay, and he said that was fine. We immediately because giving him a bit of a background about the book, and it turned into a 30 minute lesson on the Book of Mormon and the Restoration, so that was pretty neat!

Other than that, nothing too crazy this week. Although we did get a few more inches of snow, and we found these awesome snow creations (it's two snowmen fishing on a boat, and they caught a whale! Pretty sweet!)!

Elder Dallas Anderson

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