Tuesday, March 17, 2015

'Nuther Week in Naperville

Elder Anderson keeping Elder Oaks' plants alive.
Hey from Chi-Town!

So to start off with, I did get permission to go to the baptism of James on Saturday back in St. Charles! It was fun seeing past companions and members of the ward I served in. It was such a neat experience, they asked me to be one of the witnesses, so I'm really grateful that I got to be there. I'm asking President Fenn on Tuesday if I can have permission to go to the baptism for the Cannon children this upcoming Saturday. 

For our week, we actually dropped a couple of our investigators (in all reality, two of them dropped us--they told us they were no longer interested), but we did find a couple of people that we hope to start teaching in the upcoming week! We didn't see Bob or Domingo this week, so hopefully we'll have better luck next week. 

We had a great zone meeting on Friday, where I had a really good one on one interview with President Fenn. There is a new missionary training meeting this Tuesday, which means that I get to hear more from President Fenn! Next Tuesday will be our P-Day, because we are headed to the Chicago Temple. 

The "funny-looking-back-on-it-but-not-so-funny-at-the-time" moment of the week: on Tuesday, the fire alarm went off at 2:30 in the morning, and we had to evacuate the building for half an hour... This is the third time that it has gone off in the past two weeks, all because someone is smoking in the stairwell...Word of wisdom kids, keep it real.

The other "funny-for-us-but-not-so-funny-for-them" moment of the week: our district leaders had their car towed and had to pay a $218 fine. Ouch.

Thank you very much for the St. Patrick's Day package, I appreciate it! The ties are especially cool! Elder Sonzini and I will be sure to send a photo or two on St. Patrick's Day!

So that's pretty much how the week went here, thanks to all of you for your emails! 
Elder Dallas Anderson

Our Naperville apartment. It's newer in the mission; 
it's nice, but doesn't have a lot of furnishings yet.

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