Monday, March 9, 2015

People Who are Gold, Plants that are Still Green

Hey from Chicago!

We had a full session of church yesterday, and the weather finally hit above 35 degrees this week, so you can say life is treating us pretty well! We dealt with a bunch of adversity yesterday when finding: a man bashed on us for a couple minutes about how we can't tell others to read our book if we aren't willing to read the Quran and other books of scripture, another man went on and on (and on and on and on...) about how Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are one God, and how wrong we are, and another lady drove by us screaming profanity and threw a ripped up pass-along card at us. It's funny how Satan thinks he can get us down by throwing all these bad things at us, but it doesn't phase us. Call me Macklemore, because you Can't Hold Us (OHHHHHHH! *EPIC RAP BATTLE CROWD GOES NUTS*).

We were able to teach Bob again this week about the Restoration, and it went pretty well! We explained priesthood authority the best that we possibly could, with analogies and everything, but we don't know how well he really understood it. We also are teaching a high school student named Domingo! He actually came to the church tour a couple of weeks ago (more on that in a minute). He seemed really interested, and accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon after we taught him about the Restoration. We also taught a man named Roy this week about the Plan of Salvation. He was very curious, but had a few concerns about life after death because we don't have any proof of that. We're planning on teaching him more this week and teaching him that he has faith in a lot of things that he doesn't have physical proof of.

To answer your question about the church tour a couple of weeks ago, we taught two ten minute lessons on the Plan of Salvation (the kids were split up into two groups). The other Elders that were there to help taught their sessions on the Restoration. We got a lot of good questions about baptism, such as: "Is it possible to make it to the celestial kingdom without baptism?" and "What things do you have to do before you get baptized?"

Anyways, that's about it for the week. I'm still a slacker, I forgot photos of the apartment again (we do our emails at the church building, otherwise I'd just go take them right now). I'll get them to you next week (unless I forget again).

Elder Dallas Anderson

P.S. Here is a picture of our chapel. Just sayin' those plants look good! This is our last week watering them though, we don't have to do it anymore (probably because if it looks too good when we're transferred, the new elders won't be able to compete). 

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