Monday, April 13, 2015

Preaching to Pastors and Mismatched Pants

Elder Dallas with Sister and President Fenn and Elder Sonzini.
We had a solid week here in Chi-Town! Elder Sonzini and I taught a guy named George this week, and he's already read from the Book of Mormon and feels like it's true, we finna seein' miracles! The lesson with him went really well, and we have another appointment set up with him this week. We tracted into two pastors from other churches this last week, and had a friendly chat with them about our beliefs before quickly leaving the situation before it turned into a bash. We've decided though that someday we'll baptize a pastor or a preacher, because then they'll just bring their whole congregation to our church. 

We had to deal with some adversity this week as Elder Sonzini's bike tire popped on the way to see a less-active member. As a result, we were late to LaSonja's home, so the lesson went a little later than we anticipated, which in turn led to us being late to MCM, which meant we had to wear mismatching suit coats with the slacks we were wearing because we never had time to change, but that don't matter, our swag was still on point, haha! We had a great Zone Conference on Friday, where President Fenn taught us about the week leading up to Easter Sunday, which was very informative and moving. 

Saturday, we woke up to a crazy thunderstorm. There was constant thunder, and lightning would strike seriously every 2-4 seconds. It cleared up during the day, but then we were informed that there was a tornado alert, and we had to be prepared to get underground immediately. Fortunately, the tornado didn't come through town, so there isn't any damage for us to clean up.

I'm stoked to hear about Walker Ereckson getting his call out here, we reppin' the 801 in Chicago!

Elder Dallas Anderson

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