Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#Biking Is Life

Hey from Chicago! 

First off, no, I still don't like biking, although it will be good for me because I won't get fat (hopefully). We have a couple of bikes that just stay here in the area that we are using, so I don't need to buy one. I'll be physically ready for a bike trip up St George's Bluff Street when I get home, but don't get your hopes up, it's probably not going to happen (unless it's a bullet bike, then sure). Funny but sad story, our first day on the bikes, Elder Sonzini's pants tore up the seam from the bottom of has leg to his knee, so that's brutal. He was a good sport about it though, and we should be able to get it fixed.

We had a Mission Conference yesterday at a forest preserve park, so it was kind of like you were in the Sacred Grove. It was really neat, because President Fenn told the story of the First Vision using Joseph Smith History, and he talked about a lot of the different things that we learn from the First Vision. After he and Sister Fenn taught for a couple of hours, they fed us lunch from KFC (it was a lot of chicken to feed 200 missionaries), and then we had a testimony meeting that was about 3 hours long. We were supposed to be done with the meeting at 4:00, but we didn't finish until 5:30, so that was pretty interesting.

Besides the Mission Conference, there wasn't a lot that was too exciting in our finding efforts this week, other than we did tract into another woman that we gave a Book of Mormon to, and we're planning to see her tonight. We haven't gotten back in touch with Gina yet, but hopefully she's interested in learning more. One of the best parts of the week though was watching General Conference! I learned so much from this Conference; a couple of my favorite talks were from Elder Holland (which pretty much told the story Brockbank and I had) and from Elder Pearson. 

I'll be on the lookout for this next package, although you might have to slow it down on the candy a little bit. It's so good, but I'm going to get fat if I just keep eating all of it! I never thought I'd say this, but could you maybe send some protein bars instead of 100% candy? 

I love you all, thanks for everything you do!
Elder Dallas Anderson

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