Monday, April 20, 2015

#SwagWars (or Elder D Rocks the Socks)

Ayyyy from Chi-Town!

So before I get into the bulk of the letter, here's an update of the week: we were able to teach George twice this week, both times having our ward mission leader come out with us. The lessons both went well, we think that George is understanding most of what we teach, but he has a couple of points of doctrine that are hanging him up (probably because he's grown up 80+ years in a different faith, so he doesn't know anything else besides what he's been taught). We're working really hard with him, and we're trying to help resolve his concerns and prepare him for baptism! Besides George, we taught a guy named Zeferino, and the lesson with him was great! He told us that he would be baptized once he comes to know that the Book of Mormon is true. We're actually passing him off to the Spanish Elders in the area to teach him, because the rest of his family doesn't speak a lot of English, and it will be better if his whole family is taught, rather than just him.

We had a pretty cool experience at stake conference this weekend: our stake was reorganized, so Elder C. Scott Grow from the Quorum of the Seventy came out and presided at the meeting. For his instruction on Saturday night, he called up the ward council from the Naperville 1st Ward (where I'm serving), so we got to go up on the stand and introduce ourselves. He asked different members of the ward council a few questions on how they were involved, and Elder Sonzini (since he was the new missionary, and that's who Elder Grow asked to answer) got to explain a little bit about our role in the ward council. The other interesting thing that happened at stake conference is that Bishop Boswell got called to be the stake president, so we'll be getting a new bishop soon. I'm happy for him, because he'll do a wonderful job as stake president, but I'm a little sad, because we probably won't get to see him as much or work with him that often.

Anyways, this letter goes out to Elder Brockbank. In Brockbank's letter a few weeks ago, when talking about one of the kids he was teaching, he said, "The kid has more swag than anyone else I know. #SwagLife #PardonHisSwag" 

Woah, woah, woah, woah!!! Hold on now. Excuse yourself Brockbank, let's not forget who the REAL king of swag is. I'm defending that title.

Point #1: Swag doesn't stop, even on the mish. These socks should show you a thing or two about what swag really is. #RealSwag 

Point #2: Weather don't touch the swag. We were out tracting and riding our bikes in the rain yesterday. We were soaked from head to toe, but that didn't keep us from tracting or going to dinner at a member's house. To be honest, we probably looked like bosses walking up to different doors--kind of like the scenes from movies where the good guys are shown walking towards the camera in slow motion, but we probably looked better than that, TBH. 

Point #3: P-Day exemplifies swag. Lest you forget Brockbank that I don't get t-shirts that don't flow with swag. 

So you see Brockbank (and anyone else that questions my swag), that nobody can swag on my level. Don't even try.

Well people, let me know if I can do anything for you! I'd love to hear from you all! Send me emails of things you want tweets of, I'll be sure to get them out for you!
Young swaggin',
Elder Dallas Anderson

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