Monday, April 27, 2015

The Letter You'll Read Faster Than a Speeding Ronaldo

Hi all! 

We taught another lesson to George this week, and it was pretty much the same scenario from last week: he accepts Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, but thinks that everyone that is Christian (meaning believers of Christ) has the authority to baptize once they have been baptized. We don't see a lot of willingness to change in him, so we're going to give him another shot or two, but we might have to drop him this week. 

But on Tuesday, Elder Sonzini and I taught a man that we tracted into named Robert, who is a great guy, and is really humble. He's dealt with a lot of adversity in his life and is ready to turn it around, he just needs some help doing it. We've got a lesson with him on Tuesday, so definitely keep him in your prayers! Other than that, we got soaked on Saturday morning riding our bikes, changed clothes again at lunch, and then got soaked again in the afternoon, so that was fun!

Sorry this letter is so short, I had to get a haircut, the ATMs at the store weren't working so we had to wait in a LONG line. And we had a district game of soccer (which I totally owned. #YoungRonaldo #CallMeNeymar). 

Love you, hope you have a great week!
Elder Dallas Anderson

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