Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Honk for the Hawks

It was an exciting week here in Naperville, topped with the excitement going around since the Hawks are playing for the Cup! You've never seen a group of people so excited for their team, it's literally a sea of red and black on gameday, EVERYBODY is wearing Hawks gear around. It's pretty cool, because pretty much all of the businesses around have a sign that supports the Hawks somehow. My favorite one says, "Honk for the Hawks! 3 to go!" BUT they change the number each time the Hawks win. It's like an ESPN Scorecenter app for missionaries, since we can't check scores. Some other examples include, "Keep calm and beat the Lightning," "Go Hawks!!!," and "On to the Cup!" Besides that, there are companies around that are promoting special sales since the Hawks made it to the Finals.

We had a new experience this week: on Wednesday, we had a priest from a ward in the Rockford Stake come out with us (following all of the mission rules) for three and a half days. His name was Michael, and he was 18 years old. He's got his mission call already to Croatia! It was a pretty great experience, we taught a few lessons (I'll get to those in a minute), did some tracting, and visited with a few members. The sad but funny story of the mini mission was that Michael crashed his bike and totaled one of our bikes...He was tough though, he got right up and kept going.

Now for lessons, we taught George this week about following the prophet. We didn't have a chance to teach Mack, but we saw Katherine multiple times and did some good service in her yard! She's super funny, she always teases Elder Limary, but we get some really good laughs out of it. On Thursday, we tracted into a man named Scott, who seems really interested. He let us right into his home and we taught him about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon; he was super intrigued! We also taught a woman named Kathy and her son Anthony, and they are great! They live in our apartment, we found them talking out in the parking lot.

The downside of the week was that we had five people solidly commit to coming to church yesterday, but we didn't have anyone show up, so that was too bad. Also, we set up two appointments with Shante this week, but she had things come up, so neither of those happened.

On the bright side, we helped a couple of members with some service, and we had great lessons with the former stake president and the former temple president last night! The members in this ward are so great!

I'm waiting for the Hawks contest entries to flood in, spread the word!! Hope to talk to you all soon!

Elder Dallas Anderson

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