Monday, June 15, 2015

Won't be knocking any doors tonight... (Stanley Cup Game 6!)

It's going nuts here for hockey, it's so awesome! When the Hawks played on Saturday, we were out tracting, and seriously, pretty much every single house had the game on, nobody was out and about, everybody was too busy watching the game. When they scored, people came outside and some blew air horns, others were just shouting, and there were even a couple people who came out and lit fireworks, but then everybody ran back inside so that they wouldn't miss any of the game. 

For the week, we taught Scott twice this week, teaching him the plan of salvation on Tuesday and the Gospel of Jesus Christ last night. The lesson last night went so well, the member we brought with us really connected with Scott and made him feel comfortable, which was a big deal because Scott says he doesn't open up to a lot of people. The hardest thing for him will be getting him to church, but hopefully after we get him some friends, he'll feel more comfortable. He said that he'd be baptize after he gains the trust of the members here in the area.

Besides Scott, we taught George this week, who still isn't making much progress, but is open to learning and is super nice and really funny. We did some more service for Katherine, who we met tracting about a month ago, working in her garden in the middle of the rain. We didn't get to have a lesson with Kathy, Mack, or Washina, so hopefully we'll be able to see them more in the future.

We're playing some good basketball at the church today, you know I'm reppin' the D-Rose jersey, and droppin' buckets! Besides that, it's been raining like crazy all day today, we've gotten several flash flood warnings on our phone. That's not going to be stopping the Hawks from winning tonight though!

Thanks for all you do, I enjoy getting all of your emails and letters! Keep it real, and GO HAWKS!!

Going to watch Game 6 (not really),
Elder Dallas Anderson

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