Monday, January 18, 2016

Finding the Believers and Freezing the Bedbugs

What Up!

So it was a great week here in the land of Normal! We'll start it off by talking about Bri, and how awesome she is: so she was at church this week, and she told us that she might be able to hook us up and get us onto the indoor practice field at ISU, which would be legit! Brother Silvey (Bri's soccer coach at ISU) had us over for a lesson, and he was fantastic during the lesson! Bri brought up a concern about how her family probably wouldn't be too thrilled if she got baptized, and he threw it down and said that she wasn't one to let fear get in the way, and at some point she would have to decide to stand up for herself and her beliefs or let her family dictate all of her decisions. It was an awesome lesson, and Bri's come a long way just since the time we Skyped her a little while back!

We were able to get involved with three different services this week: two of them were food pantries, where we either sorted and organized the food, or helped distribute it to those that are homeless, and the other one we sorted clothing that is going to be sold in a thrift store (possible Macklemore video coming soon). We met some really awesome people, and Elder Bennett and I have set up two different service projects for the 10 missionaries in the Bloomington/Normal area in the next couple of weeks, so I'm super excited for that!

Transfer calls were Saturday, and Elder Bennett and I are staying together, and only 3 missionaries are leaving the zone, so we'll pretty much have the same zone as this last transfer, which makes me super excited! It's currently 7 degrees outside (feels like -10 with wind chill), and Elder Bennett and I have to hook up a trailer to our truck so that we can drive to Joliet tomorrow for transfers with all of the luggage for the missionaries in the two Peoria stakes. I'm kind of wondering if the Lord put me in this area because he knew I could drive a truck...

We've been doing some good finding on the ISU campus now that school is back in session (I have the idea to start a hashtag on campus--which I think would be pretty sweet, and would catch on, but I'm going to run it by President first to see what his thoughts are). If you didn't know, ISU has the largest co-ed dorms in the U.S. One of the co-ed dorms has two towers that are both 25 stories tall filled with different dorm rooms. My companion and I snuck into that building this week, went to the top floor, and started doing some tracting. It was pretty weird, because there are tons of kids in the hall that just watch you tract, and I don't know if we'll do it again or not (if we even are able to get in again), but it was cool to say that we did it!

I had the chance to go on exchanges with one of the Spanish Elders this week, and we had a few lessons that day that were in 100% Spanish, so Dallas was just sitting around trying to follow the scriptures and lessons in English on his iPad, bc he doesn't know Spanish. #ComoSeDiceWorthless Anyways, we get to the last lesson (also all in Spanish), and there's this 2-year-old that's running around throwing his toys and making noise. So I say to myself, "Forget the lesson, I ain't helpin' there anyways! I'mma go play with the kid and try to keep him quiet!" So while the lesson's going on in the kitchen, I'm in the living room playing peek-a-boo and playing cars with Hector (the 2-year-old). We played for about 45 minutes until the lesson got over, and he was laughing and kept quiet the whole time! It was definitely a win-win situation: the investigator didn't have to feel super awkward with me just sitting there, I didn't have to feel super awkward just sitting there, and I got to play cars with a little kid! Freakin' legit! #ComeSeD...ForgetThatImPlayingWithCars

If you read my last email, you heard about the crazy couch-moving experience. This week, we didn't move any couches, but Elder Bennett and I were driving, and we saw a couch sitting on the side of the road (that's where people leave things for other people to take or the city picks it up as trash). We got out and examined it, because we kind of wanted a new couch for our apartment, and it is pretty legit--two recliners, cup holders, the whole shebang! So we load this thing into our truck and go to dinner, where we had the member do a little research for us on what temperatures are sure to kill any possible bed bugs (yes Mom, you'll be happy to know that I thought it out that maybe it was on the side of the road for a reason, I didn't just say it was a score immediately). We learned that bed bugs die after exposure to subzero temperatures for 2-3 days, and guess what? With wind chill, it's felt below zero since yesterday morning, and we've kept the couch outside all day and all night yesterday, and all day and all night today, so we've scored ourself a killer couch!

I'll let my swag do the rest of the talking for this email: check out the legit Bulls joggers (along with matching Bulls tee and Bulls beanie)! I've got more picks of swag coming in the future, but I thought the couch photo and the joggers pic might overload everyone with too much style, so I'll keep it there for this week.

Elder Dallas Anderson

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