Monday, January 4, 2016

Ya Boi in Bowling

Hey All!

Last Monday, there was a crazy storm in the area, it destroyed lots of the trees in the area. So the streets are lined with broken branches because everyone just puts their branches on the curb and waits for the city to come around and pick up their trash.

This week was a pretty slow week as far as proselyting goes, we didn't have any lessons unfortunately. The good news is we found about 7 potential investigators, and we gave Books of Mormon to four or five of them, so hopefully we can have a lesson with them this upcoming week. It should get busier for us starting next week, because college starts up again next Monday.

Here's a pretty cool miracle for the week: so we decided to have a zone fast on Sunday, and Steve had called us Saturday night and told us that he had work, so he wouldn't be able to make it to church. With it being the New Year, the starting time of church switched from 8:30 to 11:00, and when we got there, the Elders in the other ward told us that Steve had been there! I'm super stoked for this upcoming month, I think the zone is going to see a lot of cool miracles from the fast!

To build zone unity even more than the fast, we had a zone activity today, and we decided to go bowling! It was tons of fun--the bowling alley was on the ISU campus, and it's really nice, and pretty cheap too! They have pool, ping-pong, and air hockey tables that you can pay an hourly fee for, so we played some pool too. Of course, you already know that Elder Bennett and I dominated on the pool table, and ya boi beat everyone in the zone at bowling too. But could you ever expect different? #MrClutch

New Years wasn't anything too exciting, but we did go to MLC (Mission Leadership Council) to talk about the needs and concerns of the missionaries in each of our zones. It was a really good meeting, President Griffin does a really good job getting everybody involved and excited about the discussion. But 2016 is going to be sweet, I think a lot of good things are going to be happening in the mission!

I've been able to find a couple of good things with after Christmas sales--I got a pair of cool chinos at PacSun this afternoon, and had an awesome conversation with Tyler (the manager there) about religion. I also got a cool pair ISU sweats last week, along with a Bulls beanie! I'll have to send you some photos next week! 

That's about all that I've got for this week, I'll give my boy Brockbank the S/O now for picking me to win the #HeismanPose2k15 contest. Sorry y'all can't handle my swag. I love you guys, and hope that your New Year has been good so far!

Elder Dallas Anderson

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