Monday, January 25, 2016

Props for the Pass-along Card

Hey Mom!

To all y'all waiting for my rap email to drop, you'll be happy to know that I'm working on it and have made some good progress with it. It probably won't be ready for another couple of weeks as I try to finalize everything, but it's coming! #CountdownToDrake And to those who don't know what the heck I'm talking about, my mom sent an email to me a couple of weeks ago totally hating on Drake, so I've decided to back my man Drizzy up with a killer email coming out in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned! #CountdownToDandy

Just sayin' though, that is some garbage that the Sisters in Monument could go the boys' hockey game, totally not fair in the slightest! There is a junior team here in Bloomington called the Thunder, and the Elders Quorum is going to the game, but the odds of us being allowed to go are very slim.

We did some more awesome service this week, Elder Bennett and I set up a group service project for all 10 missionaries here in the Bloomington/Normal area, and on Friday, all of us went into this warehouse and sorted out and labeled cans of food, and we put together bags of beans, it was a lot of fun. We worked alongside a small group of volunteers from a local Target, and the place we did the service at made a sign that said, "Welcome Target & LDS Missionaries," so that was pretty cool! Elder Bennett and I also went back to the WACC and put together more bags of food there for those in need. It's been pretty cool, because we've started to build a really good friendship with some of the workers there--now we're talking, and they ask us about what we do as missionaries, it's been pretty cool! We also got a snowstorm this week, getting 4-5 inches of snow, so we were able to shovel it for one of the members in our ward. Unfortunately, it's warmed up to the high 30s, so it's all melted away now...

Bri was at church this week, even though she was sick, so that was awesome! The Albrechtsens (our awesome Ward Mission Leader and Relief Society President) had a group of about 8 kids from ISU come over for dinner on Thursday, including Bri, four less-active members, and three active members as well (besides Elder Bennett and me), so that was pretty sweet! We've been seeing a lot of good success lately with the college kids down here, and we've been in contact with the institute teacher to try to recruit more as well, but even better than that, Elder Bennett and I discussed it and felt like we could get a YSA group going during the 3rd hour of church. We ran the idea past Bishop, and he was all for it, so hopefully we get that group going in the next couple of weeks.

Here's the cool story of the week: So Elder Bennett and I went to Panda Express with the Normal South Elders for lunch one day after service. I've been trying to hand out a pass-along card to the people that ring me up at the register lately, so I did at Panda and didn't think too much about it. About 30 minutes later, we get a text from our bishop telling us that one of the workers at Panda had called him and told him that we'd been there and that one of us had left their bag. It turns out that it was my bag at Panda, so we got it back, but that wasn't the cool part of the story. The cool part of this story is that I didn't have any form of identification or contact information in my bag, so the ONLY possible way that the worker could contact us is by going to (this is where that pass-along card came in handy) and figuring out the contact information for the local bishop. So to all you people out there, you never know how far a little pass-along card can go.

Sorry I don't have a lot of cool things to report on this week, I did get to drive the trailer 300 miles, but that was the only crazy thing that really happened. Hopefully I've got some good stuff to talk about next week--we've got to pick up a couch for the Sisters in Pontiac this week, so maybe I'll have another good story to tell next Monday! I'll send pics of the apartment next week, we haven't finished our interior design yet.

Love you all, hope that you're doing well! 

Elder Dallas Anderson
#NothingWasTheSame (That's from Drake, BTW)

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