Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Big Baptism, Mini Missions, Zero Sleep


It was a KILLER week here in the Woodridge 1st Ward, absolutely incredible! I'll just jump into things by the big highlight of the week: Toby & Z's baptism on Saturday! It was a super good experience for them, and the ward came up big in the support, there were probably 45-50 members in attendance. No mess-ups or redo's necessary on either of the baptisms, they both went according to plan! Following the baptism, Toby took Elder Cluff and me, as well as the other Elders that are in the ward with us, to Famous Dave's for dinner, and he treated us to a MASSIVE dinner consisting of brisket, ribs, chicken, corn, fries, beans, Texas toast, cornbread, coleslaw, you name it. That was all included in the party platter at Famous Dave's, and Toby got 2 of them for us to share...#ByeByeCalorieCount

If you don't recall from last week's email, this week was set up to be absolutely crazy, and it did not disappoint in the slightest. Besides the baptism, transfers happened Monday through Wednesday, so we picked up new missionaries Monday and took them out to proselyte that evening. We had dinner, and then they were trained by some of the Sister Training Leaders and Sister Griffin later that night. After all of that training was over, Elder Cluff and I had to go to the mission office and work on picking companionships for the youth of the Rockford Stake to go on mini-missions (we didn't receive a call until Sunday of last week telling us that we were responsible for anything in their mini-missions). But we got that done late and headed home for the night.

Tuesday, Elder Cluff and I did some training for the new missionaries and trainers on Tuesday morning on the topic of using Preach My Gospel effectively, headed up the transfer travel arrangements on Tuesday (just FYI, all the missionaries got to their new areas safely), then went in for an emergency dentist appointment on Tuesday. #WaitWhat Yeah, Elder Cluff had a tooth that was bothering him, but fortunately, it was the same problem that I was diagnosed with last year--he's probably been grinding his teeth, and they've become more sensitive than usual. Got that comp unity right there though, you know how we do!

Anyways, back to the transfer madness: Tuesday night, we have the departing testimony meeting for the missionaries that went home, and it was the first time I've ever been to one of those meetings where we've been done before 10:30. So we got to bed that night at an actually decent hour, which was much needed, because we had to get up early the next morning to take all of the departing missionaries to the temple, then to the airport for their flights home. DON'T GET ALL TRUNKIE ON ME NOW! After dropping them off, we went to the mission office so that we could plan out our training for the Naperville mini-missions that started on Thursday. Well, that didn't actually happen, because since some of the restrictions came off of the iPad during this last transfer, there are no more Tech Elders in the mission, so everyone now calls us with their technology questions and concerns. #WhatEvenIsiPad #ReinstatedPretendTechElder #ElderCluffIsTheRealTechElder What happened instead on Wednesday (instead of figuring out mini-mission stuff), is we spend 2 hours on the phone with different missionaries helping them with Areabook and all sorts of other problems (including one tablet that was unresponsive to even a hard reset, that through some crazy luck, I'm sure mixed in with some divine help, we managed to help the missionary reset his iPad over the phone by having him press a bunch of different buttons). Those types of things, as well as a dinner that night, was the rest of our Wednesday.

Thursday was also nuts, because MLC was the next day, and we had had literally ZERO time to prepare for it all week. So we spend several hours in the office putting together statistics, graphs, successes, and struggles for the month of May to present at MLC on Friday. We also hadn't had time to plan out our training for MLC, so we took a little bit of time to do that, but we couldn't spend much time on that because the Naperville mini-missionary kickoff meeting was that night, and we still hadn't planned for that either. So we took the time to plan that out, and headed over to kick it off (the Naperville 1st mini-mission was even complete with curbside drop-off similar to the MTC). Elder Cluff and I trained the youth of the Naperville 1st Ward on contacting, and it was one of the most fun trainings I've ever given, it was a blast! The youth had fun, and we got them all assigned and off to their new areas for the weekend. My companion and I had to go back to the office that night to finish up the MLC reports.

Friday was MLC, so Elder Cluff and I finished putting together our training in the morning, and we were able to teach for 30 minutes in MLC on developing Christlike attributes. It's not a super easy topic to train on, just because it's simple to talk about, but harder to teach the application part of it, but it went pretty well, the Spirit was pretty strong.

Sunday was church and the confirmation, and we had dinner with some members before going to the concluding meeting of the Naperville 1st mini-missions. We had a testimony meeting, and it was awesome the miracles and experiences that each of the youth shared, every single one of them learned something from either the joys that they had or the disappointments they faced this weekend. I don't think I've ever been around a more solid group of youth, they absolutely killed it with their testimonies!

That was our super crazy week! On top of all of this, we helped a couple of non-members move a bunch of things out of their house this week as they are moving to Vegas this upcoming weekend. We didn't sleep much, but that's alright, because 50-Cent said that "sleep is for those people who are broke." Just tryna get those baptisms, you know what I'm sayin'? Haha, for real though, it was the busiest and most exhausting week of my mission, but that don't phase me. Keep powering through, nobody needs that sleep anyways!

I love you guys, thanks for putting up with the length of the email today. Hope that you are all having a great week, and that you're off to a hot start with summer. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, you guys are great!

Love ya!
Elder Dallas Anderson
#WhatEvenIsSleep #NoSleepGang #IDontEvenCare

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