Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Traveling, Trading Companions, and TopGolf

What is up guys!?

First off, gotta give that S/O to Papa G for Father's Day yesterday! Hope Dad got to watch some good sports and eat some good food to enjoy himself!

Super busy week this week: I don't really even know who Elder Cluff is anymore, because we were on four exchanges this week, so we didn't spend a lot of time together. There were a lot of good things and cool miracles on the exchanges though, so let's get into this!

Monday night was a late one, because President informed us that a missionary broke his arm, so we had to be ready to help out if necessary (good news is that he'll be fine, he's staying in the mission for surgery). Tuesday, I spent the day in Rockford with Elder Weigel. We had an awesome experience contacting downtown where we waved a guy down across the street, then went over and contacted him. It turned out that his girlfriend had kicked him out of the house that morning, and he was looking for someone to pray with and for him. We did so on the street and got his contact info!

On Wednesday, I was on exchanges with Elder Hastings here in Woodridge, and it was probably the least exciting day of exchanges. We pulled weeds for a member in the 95 degree weather (with high humidity) and helped some recent converts in the ward get started on their family history work.

Thursday took me back down to Morton, where I spent the day with Elder Heiner (I was sad not to be with Elder Bennett, but Elder Heiner's a good man too). It was fun to see the area again, and particularly to interact with a couple of the members. We gave a man named Matt a church tour, and he's pretty much getting baptized, because he asked in the middle of the tour, "So when would I start paying tithing?" And that was just the first lesson the Morton Elders had had with him!

I went to the city of Peoria on Friday, and we saw probably the coolest miracles of the week there (keep in mind that this is an area that's been struggling with the work for a long time now). Elder Harvey and I tried to stop by a member, who wasn't home. On the way out of the apartment building, we contacted a man and talked to him for 5-8 minutes, giving him a brief overview of some of our beliefs, getting his contact info, and committing him to come to church on Sunday. In the middle of this contact, the member we came by to see walked in, and just stood down the hall and watched us have this interaction. He came up to us afterwards, invited us to dinner on Wednesday, and told us that he'd invite his friend over for dinner. I'm not 100% sure, but I would bet that if the member hadn't have seen us working, he wouldn't have invited his friend over. If you're a member and want to get excited about doing missionary work, go spend time with the Elder or Sisters in the area and watch how hard they work. Later that evening, we had another member come out with us to stop by a potential investigator, who also turned out not to be home. Elder Harvey started talking to the neighbor, who told us about all these hard trials that have been going on in her life, and how she was also looking for someone to pray with her. She's committed to come to church on Sunday too. I think the coolest part about both of these stories is that when there are members around, miracles happen to missionaries. It might sound crazy, but almost every time a member comes out with missionaries, you meet someone you were supposed to meet, or have an awesome spiritual experience with someone.

Saturday was an awesome day: HOPE GOT BAPTIZED!!! Since I was already in Peoria, President gave me permission to go the baptism. Hope was just so happy, it was an awesome day for her, and the ward support was on point yet again. I'm so happy for her, because she felt really good about the decision, and is going to do big things for the ward and the Church in the future!

Highlight of Preparation Day today--Elder Cluff and I took President & Sister Griffin out to the driving range to have some fun today! It wasn't just any driving range though, it's a place called Topgolf: an arcade-mode style of driving range with targets to hit at with micro-chip-tracked golf balls that total up your score. The venue is three decks high, and it was a BLAST! I would do it again in a heartbeat! You'd be glad to know ya boi still has a little game after shaking 21 months of rust off the clubs. #StepAsideTiger #EarlyReleaseDateForTheUSOpen #TransferredToBrazilForTheOlympics

The Howell kids are set for their baptism this coming Saturday, so that's super exciting! Please keep them in your prayers, because they go to court today to finalize their adoption. We met with Toby and Zee yesterday to teach them a new member discussion, and it went well! Zee is going to North Carolina for the summer to live with his aunt, so we'll see him for the last time next week when we meet with him.

That's about all for our week! It was exhausting, but there were so many awesome stories and miracles that came out of it. On top of that, now you know that I still come in the clutch with the golf game, so you're welcome. Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you guys! Take it easy, and have a great week!

Elder Dallas Anderson

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