Thursday, June 2, 2016

Finna Have a Baptism (Plus, Chicago Food Formulas)

Welcoming the new Chicago West missionaries at the airport!
What's up people of the 801!? Wow, I can finally say that without discriminating among people of my own family... Welcome back Mom and Lando!

Elder Cluff and I had a good week of teaching, a fun week of transfer council, and enough energy to work out this morning (Landon still's got nothing on me), which is pretty good after a transfer prep weekend, if you ask me.

All right, so big news of the week: Toby and Z both passed their baptismal interviews this week, and are ready for their baptisms this upcoming Saturday! What's even cooler is that they're already planning on going to the temple a year from Saturday so that they can be sealed in the temple as a family! Now I'm not trunkie or anything, but I'm finna be back for that. Temple attendance and eternal families are what this religion is all about!

This week was transfer preparation week: so for several hours on Wednesday and Thursday, Elder Cluff & I met with President & Sister Griffin and discussed which missionaries needed to move, and what companionships would work well together, stuff like that. On Saturday, that's when stuff gets really crazy: Elder Cluff and I are in charge of putting together the travel arrangements for all of the missionaries involved on Tuesday, putting together information for transfer calls, figuring out the car-shares, making schedules to pick up new missionaries and to get the departing missionaries to the airport, making the transfer calls (there were 60 transfer calls made--about 230 minutes of total call time between Elder Cluff, President Griffin, and myself), the list of tasks is pretty large. 

In the midst of the transfer madness, Elder Cluff and I have also been organizing two mini-missions that are going on in the mission this week--one in the Rockford Stake (23 mini-missionaries), and one in the Naperville 1st Ward (11 mini-missionaries). MLC happens to fall in the middle of the mini-missions, so no zone leaders or sister training leaders can receive a mini-missionary, and that means that every single English sister companionship in the entire mission (besides the sister training leaders) are getting a mini-missionary. We've spent a lot of time putting together emergency contact information for parents of the mini-missionaries, and we might have to make some changes, because the Rockford Stake doesn't think it's logistically possible to get missionaries down to Peoria, because there aren't enough companionships in the Rockford and Schaumburg Stakes to handle all of them, and Naperville is already booked for the Naperville 1st mini-mission.

Luckily, it's not all tedious work--quite possibly the most important task on our board (once we complete everything but the transfer calls) is to go to Portillo's for dinner and to get a Cake Shake. The Cake Shakes pretty much give you the energy and strength to take on the world--it's a must-have if you're in the Chi-Town area.

For all you foodies out there, I've put together a couple of formulas for you--these are clinically tested and proven by experience, so take notes kids:
Sushi = Gets you sick (DON'T DO IT!)
Portillo's Cake Shake = Life (AKA: Pure Goodness; AKA: Heaven)

Today we picked up the new missionaries from the airport and took them back to the mission home before hitting the streets with them and handing out copies of the Book of Mormon to people. The new missionary I was with did very, very well, and we met a potential investigator named Tim, who lives in our area that we hope to start teaching soon!

That's pretty much the report that I've got for this week. Remember kids: Cake Shake = good, sushi = bad. Once you learn that lesson, we'll move you up the scale to the matter of deep dish pizza. Anyways, I hope that things are going well for everyone back home. Thanks for your prayers and support. I'm glad that Lando's hockey situation is going well, and know that he's going to tear it up in his tryouts this weekend in Vegas! Please keep Toby & Z in your prayers this week as Satan works really hard against those that are about to be baptized (just remember Hope's story). I love you all, and look forward to giving a great report next week!

Love ya! Happy Memorial Day!
Elder Dallas Anderson
#Merica #FreakYeah

P.S. 2-year anniversary S/O to my man Brockbank for our Mount Olympus shenanigans, love you homie! #WhoHatesOlympus #WeHateOlympus

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