Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tired but Still Teachin'

Here's a pic of a crazy house we found this week.
It has 5 chimneys, and the whole house
doesn't even fit in this picture.
The building you see in the front right

is an extra garage for the house, that's how big it is.
Hey guys!

So it was a week that left Elder Cluff and I exhausted until Sunday rolled around--we were both sick all week, and three exchanges and a zone conference certainly did not help us retain any energy. Fortunately, we're both feeling better now, all up to par, which is good, because it's transfer prep week, so we'll be crazy busy again.

I stayed in the Woodridge area for two of our exchanges this week, working with Elder Frehner on Tuesday and Elder Clark on Thursday. We didn't have any crazy experiences, but Elder Clark and I taught Toby & Z and gave them a fun way to remember the 10 commandments by using the 10 fingers on your hands. We also had a phenomenal experience with a member that wants 6 copies of the Book of Mormon to give away to their friends (they plan to give them all away within two weeks and invite most of them to meet with the missionaries)--I'll bring home something awesome for anyone who can beat that.

Wednesday was our zone conference in Peoria, which was our worst one to be honest, probably because we were sick, and had gotten up to make the drive at about 5:00 that morning, so we were pretty dead. But all of our trainings were on the topic of helping members be involved in missionary work. Elder Cluff and I are going to try to put together a stake (or maybe ward) fireside for members, and teach them different things they can do to be involved in sharing the gospel in small and simple ways.

For half of Friday and half of Saturday, I worked in Peoria with Elder Carter. We spend a fair amount of time in the southern part of the downtown area, AKA: the hood. It was fun being able to connect with a bunch of the guys in the streets again, because it's a much more relaxed atmosphere contacting than it is around people that are making millions of dollars per year.

Lando better start worrying, because Elder Cluff and I were the heroes (AKA: super-strength studs) today at the family history center. It is being renovated, so Elder Cluff and I had to move a bunch of things around, including a file cabinet that was a couple hundred pounds (not even joking about that). After several hours of moving furniture and rearranging the room, it's all ready to be re-wired in the next couple of days.

Toby & Z have their interviews for baptism this week! We taught them about temples and the priesthood, and several of the commandments this week, and plan to teach them the last lesson on two this week before their baptism on June 4th. Elder Cluff and I are super pumped for them--they're making awesome progress!

That's about all I have for this week! This upcoming week will be a crazy-busy one, as we have transfer council with President, make transfer preparations (AKA: lots of paperwork), make transfer calls, eat at Portillo's (yes, it's a very important step in the transfer tradition), and start directing transfers Sunday through Wednesday.

I hope that all of you are enjoying your week, and that the move for you and Lando back to Utah goes well. Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you guys, I love you all! 

Elder Dallas Anderson

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