Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mr. Clutch


First off, an apology to the missionaries on the other team in our zone activity, as Mr. Clutch walked off the soccer pitch fist raised with the game winning goal belt under his belt and onto the basketball court, where he was raining threes on the defense. Teammates got towels waving on me to try to cool me down, but I'm all up in here ending games in walk-off fashion.

As for the missionary work (this is what you probably actually came to hear about): we taught a sweet lesson to a man named Adam this week, but he's having trouble setting up another appointment because his schedule is so slammed, so pray for him, because he is golden. Patience's schedule has also been busy, although she re-confirmed her desire to be baptized with us at church yesterday! Besides those two, we don't have a lot of people that we're teaching right now, but hopefully this is the week that we can get some good contacting in and reel in the new investigators. Lots of good work to do before transfers come up this weekend!

Elder Giolitto and I finished up with zone conferences this week in the Naperville & Schaumburg zones, and everything went really well. Elder Roper & Elder Frehner in the Schaumburg English Zone put together a very powerful training on the Prophet Joseph Smith (the mission focus for the month of August), and it was a real testimony strengthening moment for me, the Spirit was very strong in their training.

Besides investigators and zone conferences, we had a big week working with recent converts and less-active members. Here's your funny story of the week: we had a new-member discussion with the Howell kids last night after a dinner, and the Howell family had invited two other families over from the ward, so there were like 12 of us for the lesson. Anyways, since the Howell family just got sealed, we were teaching on the temple and eternal marriage, and we were helping the kids understand the importance of the temple, so we said, "The temple is God's house." Literally half a second after we finished the sentence, we hear "THIS IS MY FIGHT SONG" as one of the member's phone ringtones. The funny part (besides the timing) is that the member's phone was on the counter behind us, so all of the members totally thought the music was coming from our iPads, and that it was on cue with what we were teaching. Haha, it was a pretty funny moment once we got it clear that it was definitely not our music, but the member's.

Elder Giolitto and I are really getting along well, and he's promised to make me some authentic Italian food, which is dangerous, because I'm all about that pizza and pasta life, but I don't want to get fat... #TheStruggle 

Anyway guys, I'm too busy scoring game-winning goals in soccer and nailing three-pointers in our zone preparation day, so shoot me an email if you've got any specific questions you want to ask me or anything like that. Know that I love you all, and that I'm reppin' the 801 so strong in Chi-Town.

Elder Dallas Anderson

P.S. Post-game selfies. #WorkHardPlayHard

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