Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Como Se Dice Mexican Food!

What's up guys!?

Another week on the missionary grind, and boy was it busy! Exchanges, meetings, and service kept us on our toes and running from place to place to make sure that we got everything done that we needed to.

First off, exchange on Tuesday with Elder Stewart-Chester (AKA: stud, he is an awesome missionary). We were in the Spanish program in Aurora, so you already know what's coming. #ComoSeDiceWorthless Now, their area has been struggling a little bit with finding people to teach, and their zone had a goal that before the end of the week, that everyone would have an "investigator present" lesson (a lesson with an investigator inside of a member's home). Elder Stewart-Chester's area didn't have anyone they were teaching to set up that appointment with, so our whole goal going into the exchange was to set up an investigator present lesson so that they could lead by example. We worked super hard that day (even though we talked to more black people than Hispanics) and got a lesson set up like we'd hoped to. We were feeling really good going into our dinner appointment, which was actually authentic Mexican food. **Cues Hallelujah song** (This is the first time, out of like 10 exchanges in the Spanish program, that I've gotten Hispanic food, every other time it's been like Dominoes Pizza or KFC...) It was super good, but what was even better is that a non-member friend literally walked into the apartment right as we were getting into the lesson. She sat down and told us that she's been going through some hard times. We (in all reality, it was all Elder Stewart-Chester, because I'm #ComoSeDiceWorthless when it comes to Spanish) taught her about the Restoration and set up another appointment for next week! The Lord definitely placed us in the right place at the right time, and we had a miracle investigator present!

Friday was MLC, and Elder Giolitto and I were assigned to train on effectively auditing iPads (just call me the resurrected Tech Elder, LOL). There was a big discussion on the highlights and struggles of the mission right now, which was very eye-opening, because I would've never guessed that some of the problems brought up were mission-wide problems. It was honestly pretty shocking, because there was a lot of talk about building the faith of missionaries and helping companionships that struggle to work in unity. It will be interesting to see the approach that President Griffin takes moving forward.

Anyways, so I won't give you the details, but we had a missionary that went home for special circumstances this weekend, so his companion, who is from the Spanish program, spent the weekend with us. We were crazy busy on Saturday, and went on three different splits with members during the day: there were two moves in the morning, so I went to the one at the Sonnenburg's house, and the other Elders went to the other move. We met back up and helped a member clean out his garage and basement, because a flash flood hit our area this past week. After doing that for a little bit, Elder Giolitto went to a lunch appointment with a member, while Elder Hughes and I got some lunch on our own. We got back together and went immediately to cut the lawn of an investigator. Following that, we changed clothes and went to a dinner appointment in Elder Hughes' area, which meant I was just sitting around, because the family didn't speak any English, and you already know how my Spanish is... And not that I'm complaining about members feeding us, but we got Costco pizza for dinner. In the Spanish program. What is this. Following dinner, I went of splits with our ward mission leader and taught a lesson to a less-active member who came to church the next day!

Sunday was pretty awesome--Toby got the Aaronic Priesthood! If that wasn't good in itself, Jose, the YSA kid that Elder Campbell and I taught last summer, just got back from BYU-Idaho, and he now has the Melchizedek Priesthood, so they're both doing super solid in their progress! After church was over, we had a lesson with Patience, Toby, Z (YES, HE'S BACK!), and Girlie. Patience is still doing well, and seems to understand all that we teach her. It's just a matter of getting her to move into the ward before she can get baptized, because she's been coming to church for over a month now.

Yeah, that was pretty much our week! Lots of crazy busy days and cool miracles! I love you guys, thanks for all you do for me! I appreciate all of the love, support, and prayers in my behalf. Know that I'm praying for you guys, and that life is Chi-Town is still going strong! Talk to you guys next week!

Love ya!
Elder Dallas Anderson

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