Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Up All Night

Hey Mom!

Pretty crazy week this week, ESPECIALLY with the transfer situation. The great news is that Elder Giolitto and I will be staying together for another transfer, which I'm super excited about! What made things interesting is the timing of everything: usually, President gives us the finalized transfer board on Friday afternoon, and we have until Sunday evening to finish it. This time, we worked on transfers a lot longer, and President didn't feel good about things until Saturday morning at 11:00, so we had a lot less time to work on things. On top of that, we had appointments on Saturday and Sunday that made it even more difficult to meet the Sunday night deadline. But you already know that the Woodridge 1st Elders don't quit, they don't stop when it's hard. And we worked, and we typed, and we brainstormed, and we revised, and we got a cake shake, and we worked some more, and typed some more, all that good stuff, until we got the work done. As I've had the opportunity to serve as an Assistant to President Griffin, I have come to learn how much goes on behind the scenes than I had ever thought possible. We worked on car-shares, travel arrangements, meeting agendas, transportation plans, and the like until about 12:35 a.m. on Saturday and about 12:55 a.m.on Sunday. The blood, sweat, and tears put into these things have helped me gain a greater appreciation for the leaders of the Church and the behind the scenes work that we don't often recognize even happens.

We picked up the new missionaries from the airport today, and it's always fun to see them step out into the missionary world. I had the chance to take one contacting this evening, and he told me that I was super good at contacting, which was weird to hear, because I don't feel like I'm that great, but it helped me recognize that I've made some improvements as a missionary.

In our finding this week, we weren't able to meet with either Patience or Adam, but we had an awesome member that invited two of her non-member friends (that she recently took to Nauvoo) over for dinner, and we were able to answer some of the questions that they had about the Church. One of them was pretty closed off and skeptical about the things we taught, but the other, her name is Kathy, was awesome! She straight up resolved her concern that people came to the Americas by saying that there are pyramids in the Middle East, where the people spoke Egyptian, how it makes total sense that the Book of Mormon was translated from Egyptian, and how it makes sense that a people migrated from Jerusalem to the Americas, because South America is the other place in the world that has pyramids like the Middle East does. #WhereDidThatComeFrom #WhoAreYou #HeresMyNametag

I've recommitted myself to Fit For the Kingdom this transfer, I'mma get so fit (cheat day = Giordano's & Portillo's)! Besides that, I'm feeling really good about this transfer, we're working super hard and I know that we'll start seeing miracles here soon.

I love you guys, thanks for your support, and for your prayers! If you guys need something for me, or need an extra prayer thrown your way, let me know. Thanks for your letters and emails, I'll talk to you again next week!

Elder Dallas Anderson
#LateNightTransferProbs #NoSleepGang

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