Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Playing the Zone (a missionary's Thanksgiving)

Zone Conference at the Temple, in Miniature Photography
(Elder D is front and center -- use your magnifying glass)

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody:

So I'll start by answering your questions about my zone, just so I don't forget. My zone leaders' names are Elder Staheli and Elder Payne, and they are stationed in Ottawa. My district leader's name is Elder Adams, but he's being transferred this week, so I don't know who the new district leader is yet. The district leader stays in Morris. 

We had one zone conference a couple of weeks ago, and it was fantastic. President Fenn speaks at all of them, and there are few people that I've ever heard that speak with as much power as he does. He kind of reminds me of a coach in some ways, because he'll raise his voice, point his finger, shake his fist, and sometimes even pound the table for emphasis. He's got so much fire in him, and I've really learned a lot from him so far. 

I've been on 4 exchanges so far: once with Elder Adams in Morris, once with Elder Pike (my current zone leader that is being replaced by Elder Staheli) here in Bourbannais, once with Elder Clark (last Saturday, a man that Elder Clark's companion and Elder Engler baptized went through the temple, so they went to that and Elder Clark and I went proselyting), and with Elders Blackner and Dickerson (President Fenn always takes assistants that are going home out to dinner, so Elder Engler and Elder Ward, who is training the two new assistants, went out to dinner, and I did some proselyting with the assistants). 

We take members out to lessons as often as we can, but unfortunately, they fall through a lot of the time. Speaking of which, we didn't teach a single lesson this week, which was too bad. We saw Kendall and Jermaine, but neither of them had time to sit down (although they still seemed interested, which is good), and none of our other investigators or potential investigators returned our calls or our texts, and weren't home when we stopped by. But we're working hard, and we keep finding people who are interested, so hopefully we'll start putting some people on date soon and teaching some lessons.

I'll have to write you next week about my new companion. I'll miss Elder Engler. He's taught me a lot and given me so much insight on how to be a good missionary. He's worked hard every day, and he's not "trunkie" at all, which makes it really easy to go out and work.

Happy Thanksgiving to you! It sounds like you'll get a little bit of time to relax, which is great. The Relief Society President and her husband are having us over for dinner, which will be great. And after that, we're driving up to Downers Grove to hear a fireside from President Fenn, which I'm stoked about.

I love you all and I'll talk to you again next week!
Elder Dallas Anderson

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