Sunday, November 2, 2014

Give Elder D a Bday Surprise

Family and Friends:

Elder Dallas has a birthday coming up--and here's a chance for you to participate if you wish.

Chicago winters are so cold, the missionaries can't remove their gloves to knock doors, so they carry a golf ball in their pocket to use as a "door knocker." And wouldn't you know it, Elder Anderson loves golf!

Here's where you come in: Decorate a golf ball to add to the collection we'll send him as part of his birthday package. Use paint, markers, stickers, glitter, whatever... just mail or bring your golf ball to our house by next Sunday, November 9. Be creative... (fun trumps practicality for this exercise.) We'll take a photo of the entries so you can see the great work before they're sent off to support the Great Work!

If you have questions, email or call Christy. Send or drop off your decorated golf ball (one per person, please) at the Anderson house. Be sure to include your name with the golf ball as part of the artwork or as a separate tag so he can know whose effort to appreciate. Thanks!
5661 Adaley Avenue
Murray, UT 84107

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