Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Short and Sweet...


So Jermaine, one of our investigators, accepted to be baptized this week and set a goal for December 6th. He's really excited about the concept of getting baptized--he really wants to follow Christ, and he told us he wants his whole family -- his fiancee and his 8-yr-old daughter to be baptized as well, so hopefully he continues to have the burning desire to get baptized that he does now, and that Satan won't harden his heart. The rest of the week was pretty good too. We had dinner at a couple members' houses, we 
also had a lot of success seeing less active members of the ward this week, and we got 3 of them to come to church on Sunday, so that was awesome! 

This morning, we went to the Chicago Temple, and it's just fantastic. It was a really cool experience, because we went as a zone, so there were like 20 missionaries in the session. I'll attach a picture with my district and with my zone.

Hopefully the Avs start to turn it around, but I'm glad the Hawks are doing well. And hopefully D-Rose gets healthy and stays healthy for the rest of the year!

Love you, your emails always make me smile. I can't wait to hear from you again soon!

Elder Dallas Anderson

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