Monday, November 3, 2014

Tracting Gets Trey: 3 Investigators (Plus Apartment Pics!)

November 3, 2014

Hey family!

So this week has been really great here in Kankakee; we came across three new investigators from tracting! The first investigator's name is Kendall. He isn't the smartest guy you've ever met, but he seemed to understand everything we taught, and he also recognized the importance of proper priesthood authority (which according to Elder Engler, is pretty rare). 

The second investigator's name is Jermaine. We had actually knocked on his door the day before, and no one answered, but we felt prompted to go knock again, and he let us right into his house (which is also very rare). We taught him the Restoration, and also the Plan of Salvation. It really hit home with him, because he has a daughter that's 8 and a baby boy that's about 6 months old. Jermaine said he had been praying to know what church he should raise his kids in, and that we were an answer to his prayer. 

Our last investigator that we met this week is Raoul. We talked to him about the Restoration and a little bit about the Plan of Salvation as well. For someone that has never taken the discussions and has never been a part of the church, he has a really good background knowledge of our church. For example, he knew that the Book of Mormon came from gold plates and that Joseph Smith was the one who translated them. Raoul is a really sharp guy, and he understood the importance of proper authority from God too! Raoul also told us that he recently had an uncle who passed away that he wishes would have had the opportunity to hear the message we teach. We told him that the beauty of our message is that his uncle was learning exactly what we're teaching in the Spirit World, and Raoul seemed really comforted by that. We gave all of them a copy of the Book of Mormon, and we're following up with them later this week, so hopefully everything goes well!

The weather here is getting really cold. On Halloween, the temperature was around 38 degrees all day (32 at night), and I would guess with the wind chill factor that it felt around 26-27 degrees. Fortunately, there hasn't been any snow yet, although everyone is saying that this winter is supposed to be worse than last year, and last year's was apparently brutal.

I told Landon that I'm starting to become more and more of a Blackhawks fan, because there is Hawks gear everywhere. I might have to bring some of it home, because there is some awesome stuff! You'll have to let me know how the Hawks and Bulls are playing, because I know both of their seasons are just getting underway. How did the World Series end? I really liked your "Trivia Tuesday" email about the song Royals having an impact in both San Fran and Kansas City, Mom, it made me laugh.

Love you all, and I can't wait to hear from you!
Elder Dallas Anderson

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