Monday, February 1, 2016

Oh So Happy. Oh So Humble.

Hey Mom!

This week wasn't too exciting for us, we weren't able to meet with either Bri or Steve, which is no good. The good news is that we met with Mallory and with Roxy, who are two less-active members that are both YSAs. Even better news, we told bishop last week that we wanted to start a YSA group third hour in church, and he loved the idea and called a teacher to start the class next Sunday! Pretty soon, we're hoping to have a YSA branch in the area, because that's a lot of the people that we're working with right now!

Yours truly killed the rest of the zone in bowling today with a 169! We best stop going bowling as a zone activity, because I don't want to dominate everybody too bad. #AlsoHumble The funny part is that I got a strike to start off one of the games, and one of the missionaries said to me, "That's why you're a zone leader!" Then another missionary went and got 9 of 10 pins, and the same missionary said, "That's why you're not a zone leader!" Hahaha, many are called, but few are chosen, and they are not chosen because they don't have mad bowling skills like me. #AlsoHumble

We had a killer MLC in Naperville this week, a couple of guys from the Missionary Department came in from Salt Lake and gave us some great training on working with members and planning. I left the meeting with a ton of things to implement, I'm super excited for the next couple of weeks! We have been struggling to find new investigators lately, but Brother Gonzalez introduced a new vision to the mission of having 3-6 lessons between the hours of 6PM-9PM each evening, which would mean a ton of new investigators!

For the couch story of the week, the Pontiac Sisters wanted a couch because they didn't have one in their apartment. So we got one out of the mission storage facility after MLC (not that exciting), then took it down to their apartment with the two district leaders who came to MLC with us (not that exciting). One of the district leaders knows how to pick locks, so with the Sisters knowledge that we were going to get them a couch (we didn't give them the details), we broke into their apartment--we made sure they weren't home--and set up the couch for them (pretty exciting). We also saw the member who researched bed bug info for us, and he told us that we had made a good decision keeping our couch!

I've been back on the FFTK (Fit For The Kingdom) grind, scoring a lot of good points lately! Lando knows that I'm finna be huge by the time I see him again.

Anyways, I love you guys, and hope you're having a good week! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you! And the long-anticipated arrival of the single that I'm dropping will be here faster than you know.

Elder Dallas Anderson
#CountdownToDrake #CountdownToDandy

The countdown is almost over. Don't hate on Drake.

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