Tuesday, February 9, 2016

#ServiceNeverLookedSoFine + Other Hashtag News

#ManCrushModels at Home Sweet Home warehouse
This week was a little bit slower for us as far as teaching goes, we weren't able to meet up with Bri, and Steve just got a job as a truck driver. He'll only be in town about 1-2 days a month, so we dropped him because it will be hard to meet with him regularly. We did have the chance to meet with two less-active members in the ward this week and have lessons with them, and we had another less-active member of the YSA group that came to church! The YSA class started up this week at church, so we're hoping to get the news out and bring the rest of the crew in the future!

We had an awesome service experience on Tuesday at the WACC--they teamed up with another food pantry and brought in two trucks full of food. So the six Elders serving in the Normal Ward unloaded the trucks, set everything out on the serving tables, then went around with all of the people that came in to get their food. It was really neat, because there were probably close to 175 people that came through, so we got a lot of interaction as we walked around with them to help fill their orders. I'll attach a picture of a panorama of all the the food we handed out. By the end of the day, pretty much ALL of the food was gone. But here's the kicker, there was a super cool black guy named Steve Young there! I was going to get him to sign a football and take a pic for Brockbank's #HeismanPose2k16 contest (because he still should have picked one of my entries), but Steve had championships to win, and he dipped out quick.

The other service we did this week was at the Home Sweet Home warehouse, where we worked in the clothing department with Shauna, who's legit! While we were sorting through the clothing, we found some keepers to throw on for a pic. #IWearYourGranddadsClothesILookIncredible

On Saturday, we had a special MLC in Arlington Heights with Elder Suarez, the area president. What made the meeting even more special is that the leaders of the Chicago Mission were there too, so we got to meet the leaders from out east, and they were pretty cool.

Story of the week: I talked to President on the phone this week, because I had this awesome idea for finding (at least I think it's pretty awesome): since we're serving on ISU campus, a lot of the kids are going to be into social media. I proposed to President that we could start a trend with hashtags with the kids on campus, where they'd take pictures with the missionaries and post them up with a specific hashtag. I got to explain to President the purpose of a hashtag. #Winning I also got to teach him what a hashtag trend was, so my pre-mission Twitter skills are coming in in the clutch. #TeachInHashtags #TheHashtagHero President told me that he thought there was a lot of potential untapped in the social media world, and that he would talk to the Missionary Department in Salt Lake about it and get back to me. #PrayForHashtags Just call me #MrHashtag!

Elder Dallas Anderson

Working at the WACC

The new bedbug-free certified couch (left)

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